Star Adventure SAL Information

Star Adventure SAL Information

Our next Then Came June SAL is here! We will be sewing together as a community this fall and creating a Star Adventure Quilt! This blogpost will provide you all the basic information needed to participate.

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The Star Adventure SAL!

The Star Adventure Quilt Pattern is the latest Then Came June release. The Star Adventure Quilt is inspired by my love of Sawtooth Stars and their infinite possibilities. This pattern provides seven different quilt sizes and the framework for endless fabric combinations to highlight the joy of sewing with color. Star Adventure is beginner friendly and one will return to time and time again. You can dive into your fabric stash or grab a kit or bundle and let's sew together!

THE DATES: Friday September 22nd - Friday November 17th


QUILT SIZE: Choose between the Med Throw 55" x 69" (20 blocks) or Large Throw 69" x 83" (30 blocks)

SCHEDULE: We are going to sew the Star Adventure quilt top together over the course of 8 weeks. The first two weeks are about getting inspiration, picking our fabric and cutting. Weeks 3 - 6 are solid sewing weeks where we work on our star blocks. Week 7 is a catch up week for those who need it or one more block sewing week for those making the Large Throw size. Week 8 we are making our sashing and assembling the whole quilt top! After the end of the SAL, we will be hosting an in-person Show and Tell event. The date and time will be announced soon (it will be at our studio) but we thought it'd be fun to share our makes with those who participated in the SAL! 
Week 1: We will be chatting color palettes and all the different design avenues we can take to make the Star Adventure quilt. I will be providing a lot of mock ups and ideas for you!
Week 2: We are cutting all of our fabrics and getting organized. We will also be mixing and matching our pieces to create our block piles.
Week 3: We are sewing 5 blocks for the Med Throw or 6 blocks for the Large Throw
Week 4: We are sewing 5 blocks for the Med Throw or 6 blocks for the Large Throw
Week 5: We are sewing 5 blocks for the Med Throw or 6 blocks for the Large Throw
Week 6: We are sewing 5 blocks for the Med Throw or 6 blocks for the Large Throw
Week 7: Catch Up Week as needed or 6 blocks for the Large Throw
Week 8: We are making our sashing and assembling our quilt top!



You will need the Star Adventure Quilt Pattern in either PDF or Printed Pattern (USA only)

Star Adventure Quilt Kits + Fabric Bundles - Available in our Shop!

We have a handful of different Star Adventure Quilt Kits + Fabric Bundles available in our shop to purchase. I think we are going to be making two different samples for the SAL - both the Bella Adventure Joint bundle and the Fall Adventure Joint bundle. Take a look and grab one now!


Each week someone will get the opportunity to win a FQ Bundle curated by me! You get to let me know a color palette, if you want solids, prints or a mix, and I will make something as a surprise according to your color hopes! AND each week, that same person will also get a fun notion - things I love to have on hand when I am sewing.


I am excited to share that Emily of So Sunny Quilts is providing FREE longarm quilting to one lucky winner on their finished Star Adventure Quilt!


We have SIX different blogposts up about the different Star Adventure Quilt samples we've made. Browse through and read those to get inspired to make your own!
Star Adventure - Unicorn 
Star Adventure - Black + White
Star Adventure - Sunflower
Star Adventure - Pips
Star Adventure - Cover
Star Adventure - Rejoice


I have created a mock up document full of Star Adventure quilts. I include the fabric names from each mock up so you can use it for inspiration or as a guide when purchasing fabric!
Download the Star Adventure Inspiration Mock Ups
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