What sewing machine do you use?

I sew on a Janome Skyline S3. Depending on where you purchase yours, it comes in roughly around $1,200. I learned to sewn on a $100 Singer and finally upgraded to this machine back in 2016. I have been sewing on it for 5 years and have had zero issues. I take it in for cleaning once every couple of years which is probably less than I should! I love that it has a fast speed and is adjustable, built in thread trimmer, a wider throat and quieter machine. Would definitely recommend!

Do you pre-wash your fabrics?

I personally do not prewash all of my fabric. This is personal preference in most cases. The times I DO prewash is when I am using flannel, super saturated colors in substrates like denim or if I am using a lot of lighter colors with a very saturated color that I don't want to bleed possibly in the future. I say I prewash only like 3% of my fabric.

Will you resize quilt patterns for me?

No, I will not. Every quilt pattern in my shop clearly states the sizes it provides. I design and write each pattern specifically to be tested, proofed, edited for the sizes provided in the pattern only. I will not be able to help you upsize or downsize an individual pattern on demand. A lot of my patterns do include information for material cuts needed for a single block if it is block based. If you find a pattern you'd like to change the size, I would recommend either adding or subtracting rows/columns, adding or moving blocks around or adding borders of fabric at the end to get to your desired size.

Are your quilts for sale?

Most of the quilts I make are samples for quilt patterns which usually go to hang in shops to help market the pattern. Every now and again I make quilts for fun and I post them for sale in my shop. If you ever see one you love, shoot me an email and ask if it's available - you never know!

Will you make me a custom quilt?

I do not take on custom quilts anymore. I did this when I first started quilting in 2015 but have shifted my business to designing quilt patterns and curating fabric bundles only. 

Can I sell a quilt made from one of your patterns?

Yes! You may sell a quilt made using one of my patterns on a small individual basis only. My pattern and my business must be credited as the design. Please use any photos from my website with proper credit. Quilt patterns themselves MAY NOT be resold or redistributed ever.

How do you design quilt patterns?

I design, write, edit and finalize all of my quilt patterns in Adobe Illustrator. I am self taught and the internet as a whole is a vast amazing resource for learning Illustrator yourself!

What does Then Came June mean?

Despite the popular assumption, my name is NOT June. I did not name this business after me in such a funny way! THERE I CAME! It always makes me laugh when people assume my name is June. My name is Meghan. I named my business Then Came June after the month my son was born. I write more about my story in the About Me section. The month of June is when my life changed and having my son is what led me to quilting.

Will you help me troubleshoot printing a PDF pattern?

Each PDF pattern is saved as an 8.5" x 11" file and should easily print. About 99% of the time printer issues are due to some glitch between a computer and the printer, not the file. If you can view the PDF on your device, then the issue is most likely with your printer, and is not an issue with the file itself.

What iron do you use?

I use an Oliso Smart Iron ProPlus TG1600 and I love it. It has smart technology that automatically raises the iron when you take your hand off of it so you don't burn your fabric and you don't have to set it back on it's end. I have used mine for over 3 years and it still works great. You can always turn off the smart feature too if you'd like. Also, I always iron dry. I have never once added water to this iron.

Can I exchange a PDF and a Printed Pattern after I have purchased them?

This varies case by case but across the board, no. They are two separate products and once a PDF has been purchased, the link automatically sends and there is no way to "retract" the link. Please email me if you accidentally order something you didn't mean and we can address it case by case.

What is your privacy policy?

Any information we collect through orders - name, email, address, credit card information is all secure on my hosted website server. Then Came June will never sell or share any private information. We will not rent, sell or share your email to others to send you unsolicited emails. We will only ever share your information if we are required to do so by law.