Backyard Party Quilt SAL - Summer 2021

Every single time I release a pattern or post a new finished quilt, I get lots of people asking if I will be doing a sew along. After burning myself out on them as a constant in my schedule years ago, I decided I will only do 2 a year - Spring and Fall. I've had this set up for around 3 years now and I decided I am going to switch things up a bit. I am going to try a very casual set up for one this summer - the Backyard Party Quilt SAL. No newsletters, no prizes, no sponsors. Just you and me and sewing a quilt together on Instagram. I am really excited because *this* sounds fun to me! It's less stress, sewing for fun, weekly sharing and spending time together on Instagram LIVE - all the great things about this quilting community - the people!
Below is all the basic information you will need to join and have fun! You can save and share the last image on your Instagram to let friends know you are participating! Be sure to use the #backyardpartyquiltsal hashtag as that's how everyone will be able to find your posts and sew along with you!

Grab the Backyard Party Quilt Pattern