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Blakely Quilt - the Cover Girl

The Blakely Quilt Pattern is now available!
It is finally time to chat about my cover girl quilt! After having picked the orange/lavender/peach color way for the Warp & Weft Heirloom Blakely, I was inspired to make a similar palette happen in solids for my cover quilt. I used Bella Solids from Moda Fabrics.
I really loved the bright fresh palette. It reminds me of sherbet or cotton candy or taffy. The cover quilt uses yardage and is the Medium Throw size.
I love the fabric ribbons created with the chain piecing in this quilt. Especially in these colors - it is total candy ribbon vibes.
 I took photos of the block chain piecing too - not just the individual pieces and its fun to see it fall off the machine.
These blocks feel a bit more separate in color palettes than the other quilts. The Block A look very coral/orange, Block B is the softer peach/lavender and then Block C is the softest with lavender and mostly white. But when they are all together, you really feel the connection the color gradient. 
The crinkle quilt top is still my favorite to take in the whole photography process.
Before I sent this out for longarm quilting, I got my boys out of the house early on a Sunday morning for photos - slippers and all. :)
I knew I wanted Michelle of Mariposa Quilting to longarm this top. I thought it would be super fun to do an "oyster" like pantograph on it. Remember, Michelle free motion quilts all of them so I love the organic nature of the quilting and it turned out so beautiful.
And fair warning, there are SO many finished photos from our shoot. Buckle up!
The cover quilt for a new pattern is always the first one to get photographed in our shoots. I get the most images of it because it is the face of the pattern. I want as many photos for future marketing opportunities and for longevity of the pattern. So here is the start - getting the quilt on the wall. Everett was a bit helper.
The quilting is really fun against the straight lines of the quilt and kinda lends itself to the fun colorful candy vibe of the color palette.
Everett really wanted to be in front of the camera this day. He hopped into so many photos and these are some I will cherish forever. He started mimicking how I was standing. I personally was standing like this to not put pressure on my bad ankle but these photos I love.
I love having Everett at these photoshoots but at times he can very distracting. I wouldn't change it though because this is our life and how I do my work. 
I used a Rashida Coleman Hale wide backing for the back of this quilt top and it is so pretty. It is one of her floral prints and it's sooooo soft. We took some fun twirling photos on the opposite wall of these photos. It dramatic light was so fun to see captured.
I have one more blogpost to share soon for this Blakely release. If you haven't yet you can catch the other ones I wrote up here: