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Blakely Quilt - The Black & White One

The Blakely Quilt Pattern is available now!
So far, I have shared about my Warp & Weft Heirloom Blakely and my Namesake Blakely (the story behind the name). And today, I am going to share about my Black & White FQ Blakely Quilt.
I haven't made too many Black and White quilts in recent years and it surprises me. Black and White are two of my favorite colors and I use them a lot in my clothing choices and home decor choices, so why haven't I made one in awhile in quilts?! I don't know but I decided to change that!
Before I just jumped into picking my fabrics, I wanted to play with the monochromatic idea in Illustrator. Here is the mock up I created to help me visualize using a Black and White gradient.
I also wanted to use this sample as an example to show how fun it is to use FQs in the Blakely design. The Blakely pattern provides instructions on how to use yardage, FQs and jelly strips! You can also just use a variety of all of those to get what you need. It is very very flexible!
Okay, so let's get to it! I jumped into my stash to full FQs in a variety of blacks and greys to create this monochromatic gradient. I really wanted the fabrics to be a mix of solids and small scale prints. I also made sure I added a good amount of fabrics with metallics in it because I wanted it to be a little sparkly. I think it just adds another fun depth to a monochromatic quilt! Here is where I landed.
I used a mix of Libs Elliott, Carolyn Friedlander, Anna Graham, Ruby Star Society and Robert Kaufman fabrics. I love love love how this fabric pull turned out. Then it was time to cut my FQs into strips and get to piecing!
I used Kona White for my background fabric and love the crisp white it brings to the blocks and final quilt top.
It was really fun to see these blocks come together and see the gradient play out block by block.
The metallic really does make this quilt shimmer, especially when the sun hits it *just* right.
Once this top was finished, I asked Alysson to hold it up for some full shots and let me tell you... it did not work. Alysson, love her, is 5' 4" and this 69" square quilt was eating her alive. So instead, I borrowed my tall neighbor, Stephen, who is 6' 3" and we went to IKEA and took some photos real quick in front of the bright yellow walls there. His height, wing span width and willingness to be my quilt holder, worked!
I sent this quilt top off with my Warp & Weft Heirloom one to Tawny Oland to work her longarm quilting magic on. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted except an all over design that was geometric. The quilt top is very obviously straight, clean lines and I wanted something to break with that. A little contrast without being completely soft curves. After looking through Tawny's instagram feed for other panto ideas, I landed on the fish net panto! It is angular but not harsh 90 degree angles and creates an all over look. 
I really love how the quilt top looks almost fractured in a way, it's a fun look for a clean, modern Black and White quilt top. And it was also really fun to pick this bright pink/purple binding by Alison Glass. I had originally thought I'd bind in a solid black cotton but I decided this quilt needed a pop of fun!
And here I popped on my 3rd dress of the photoshoot (ha!) which is a yellow and black floral dress. It is so cute. And funnily enough, it was new but not the best quality and one of the ruffle seams ripped! So we duct taped it from the inside, not sure you will be able to notice.
Amy was able to capture some of the metallic shimmer so well in these next shots. It is amazing what the perfect sunlight and photographer can capture!
We also took some photos near the end with this quilt too and the fun shadows from the big studio garage windows. Everett kept running in and out of the shots.
I can't wait to make more FQ Blakely quilts. The small variety in color gradient really is fun and I have soooooo many FQs at home to dive into.
And here's a little peek at all 3 of these Blakely samples together. I still haven't written about my cover quilt yet but I'll be back soon with that one!
Don't forget to use the #blakelyquilt and #thencamejunepatterns hashtags when sharing your makes on social media! I love seeing what you are making!