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Blakely Quilt - the Namesake One

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My brother and sister in law, Ryan and Michelle, announced Christmas 2019 that they were pregnant! It was so fun to dream about what their child would look like and what personality traits they could have. And finally, after Everett being the only grandchild for my parents, it was nice to have another one to share the love and spotlight! ha. 
They found out early in 2020 that their child was a girl and I knew immediately I would of course make a baby quilt for her! She was due in mid summer so I had time to think about what I'd make. Also, I really wanted Michelle to have influence on the aesthetic so it would be a quilt that wouldn't get shoved in a closet but one that was actually used. Especially, as she was nesting and planning the nursery. Around the time I was submitting my new pattern ideas to Ruby Star Society for their Fall Lookbook, I also was needing to work on this baby quilt. I thought making the quilt I had submitted and needed basic pattern information for would be the perfect way to firm up the pattern information AND get a sample made.
I knew I wanted to use my stash and make it more scrappy and soft quilt than a bolder quilt. I got on FaceTime with Michelle and showed all the fabrics I was working with and we narrowed it down to this pile.
We wanted lots of neutrals with pops of blush and peach and lavender. We also really wanted to mix textures and layer the softness in that way. I ended up doing all my chicken scratch math while cutting this quilt out and it become the base of my actual pattern. I didn't actually decide to call it the Blakely quilt until she was born and we had the name confirmed. Cute story - Blakely is named in honor of Michelle's Dad, Blake, and her middle name is Ryan, to honor my brother. I love it. Blakely Ryan Brown.
The Blakely pattern is fun because you can add tiny pops of cute fabrics and it's not overwhelming but sweet. I love this animal print that is years old now but I hoarded all my scraps of it.
I made Blakely the Small Throw Size which finishes as a 55" square. Michelle didn't want it too small that she would outgrow it but also not so big that she couldn't take it with her to parks and vacations, etc. It is definitely a quilt size Blakely (the human, not the quilt) can grow into it but never out of.
I wanted to try and get a full quilt photo before I sent it off for quilting. Luckily, it fit perfectly above the couch in my living room!
I, of course, left this to the last minute and had to rush to get it quilted and photographed so I could ship to Ryan and Michelle by the time Blakely was born. Luckily, Karlee, of was able to get it done in a day turn around! We kept the quilting modern and simple with 1/2" straight lines and I love the added texture it provides. I then had a photoshoot at Amy's house the following day and when she was done, I shipped it off to California. It arrived while they were at the hospital having Blakely! 
Amy took some gorgeous photos of this quilt in her house and in her yard. I am so in love with how she captured it!
Let's do some close ups on the quilting!
She also took the sweetest photos outside with some flowers and I about died when I saw them. She makes magic happen.
It's really fun to see the pops of neon pink. The quilt overall is very soft and soothing but not without a little added modern touch of brightness.
And then little miss Blakely was born and was the brightest spot in our 2020 year. Ryan and Michelle had newborn photos taken and they snapped some of Blakely with her quilt. Is she not the most precious baby you've ever seen?!
Blakely I love you! You are a bright light in this world. And now look at how big she is these days! 7 months old and still as adorable as ever!
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