Paper Cuts - the Scrappy one

Paper Cuts - the Scrappy one

The Paper Cuts Quilt Pattern is available now!

The Third Paper Cuts blogpost is here! If you missed the other two, you can read about the Clementine one and the Bella Solids one.

If you've been following for a bit, you know I released a designer Kona palette last January 2019 with Robert Kaufman. Working on that project was SO fun and really helped me pin point my color theory and overall style. 

Well I decided I wanted to play with this palette again but to use my stash and scraps! I had A FREAKING BLAST pulling all the fabric out and basically making my room a complete mess. But this is what I came up with to start:

Also - you can use whatever size cuts for the scrappy version - FQs, layer cakes, large scraps, yardage. This is the best pattern to just dig around your stash for. Inside the pattern, I have a table that says how many pieces you need per column, per size and then also give you overall totals. There is a lot of freedom in the pattern to play with your stash and color placement!

I threw my TCJ bundle on top to confirm it matches the palette well.

I was doing like a giddy dance with how this was turning out already! Then it was time to decide how I wanted the colors to flow in the quilt itself. We decided to kinda "snake" the colors up and down starting in the upper left corner and finishing at the bottom right corner. I decided to just work color by color and cut the blocks and then lay them on the floor to make sure I am happy with how it was working.

Once I was settled, then it was time to sew all the Kona White squares to finish out the blocks and sew the columns together.

I am so glad I took a picture of my cut pieces laid on the floor so I could reference when sewing it together so I didn't mix up blocks.

It is amazing what the little bits of background fabric does to the overall look. It makes it so much more poppy and bright.

The weekend after I finished this quilt, my family and I headed out to do some Portland adventuring and we found the BEST colorful graffiti wall.


I love the last photo because you see my little Portland Trail Blazers fan in the shot. 

I knew right away I wanted to use another panto that gave great texture but also circular movement. I decided on the Thumbprint panto.


Ya'll that is three quilts being held at one time and I COULDN'T DO IT! haha sooo heavy!

Unfortunately on this photoshoot we didn't do any "quilts in the air" photos because the concrete floors were pretty dirty and getting a lot of smudges on the quilt backs. I didn't want to risk having the quilts land and get all marked up on the fronts. But we still got lots of pretty photos!

I can't wait to make more scrappy versions of Paper Cuts. I have been wanting to make an all indigo quilt so maybe now is the time! 

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