Paper Cuts - the Clementine One

Paper Cuts - the Clementine One

Paper Cuts is a pattern I designed to showcase your favorite fabrics and larger scale prints. It is for an advanced beginner (I'd have a couple quilts under your belt first) and is yardage and scrap friendly! The pattern is available in my shop today! Plus, all regular priced items are 20% off now through Monday January 20th, discount applied at check out.

Fun fact: I designed this quilt pattern TWO YEARS AGO. That happens more than you'd expect. I go on pattern design rampages and come up with like 5-10 new ideas at one time. Then, I see what strikes my fancy and start there. But this one, this one I knew I really wanted to make but couldn't ever find the right time or the right fabric to spark the drive to make it. That is until I saw the new lines that Ruby Star Society was debuting at the Fall 2019 Quilt Market.

I was instantly drawn to Melody Miller's line Clementine. It is so happy, bright, cheerful and playful. The fabrics will be shipping in March and they are so good. Here are a few mock ups I made using Clementine before we picked our final choice.

And our final choice was to highlight the dots and the fruit fabrics. The backing of this quilt is one of the juice box prints!

In the mock up above, it doesn't show the use of Confetti Speckled as the background but it just adds such a fun look to the quilt. I was so excited to get the fabrics in the mail too. Ya'll it is not lost on me how lucky and special it is that I get to use fabrics way earlier than when they go to the consumer. It is something I really love and enjoy about working with manufacturers and fabric designers. 

I meannnnn how pretty?! I actually had these fabrics for a long time before I cut into them. I really wanted to make sure all my math and measurements were right when making this pattern. So even though this was the fabric that inspired me working on the Paper Cuts quilt, it was actually the last physical quilt I made!

Paper Cuts is written with the idea of using the same amount of fabric for each column. They each get their fair share of the limelight. For Throw Sizes you need 1/2 yard cuts and for Twin Sizes you need 3/4 yard cuts for all of your solid and non directional prints. But I did make sure to include information on how to also use directional prints which means for Throw & Twin sizes you will actually need MORE fabric due to how they are cut to make sure the print is laying the correct way. It is all noted on the material requirements of the pattern. 

So say for example you are making the Throw Size and 5 of your fabrics are solids and 2 of your fabrics have a directional print, that means you would need (5) 1/2 yard cuts and then (2) 3/4 yard cuts. I include cutting diagrams for both non directional and directional prints inside the pattern as well.

Luckily, for this version, none of the prints were directional so I used (7) 1/2 yard cuts.

This pattern is pretty quick and is a chain piecing dream once you organize yourself! 

I enjoy working column by column when sewing. It gives you some instant gratification as it doesn't take too long and you get a complete section quick!


Alysson and I tag teamed this quilt and got it done super quick. It is such a happy quilt.

I really try and get a full photo of the quilt outside somewhere once it is done. Alysson and I drove around Portland one day and shot a couple quilts at the same time. But we found this black garage door which I thought would be cool. And it is but I wasn't fully satisfied. Luckily, we kept driving and found THE PERECT PINK WALL EVER.

I sent all of my Paper Cuts quilts off to Kaitlyn of Knot & Thread Designs. She so graciously worked quick for me during the Christmas rush because I had my photoshoot on January 3rd. For this design we chose 1" hexies. And I love love the texture.

I super duper love this quilt if I haven't said it enough! Also, this was a new studio space here in Portland, OR that we rented. It is called BEAST Daylight Studios and is in North Portland. It is pretty big with huge windows on both ends to let in so much light, even with our cloudy overcast days here.

 So since this was our first time shooting in the space, we weren't totally sure where the light will fall in the space, which walls would be best for full photos etc. Well for the time of day the painted cinder brick wall was our best bet for photos. The only issue was that the normal tape I use to hang quilts just wasn't working well that day. We did manage to get a couple quilts to hang but most of them would not. So we tried the "hold and I run out of the photo quick and snap a pic before it falls" approach.

After this disappointing situation, we decided to just have me stand very awkwardly on a ladder and crouch down to try and get a full photo. It worked and gave me a great arm and shoulder work out.

I can't wait to come back and continue showing you all the different samples we made for this release. Remember, Paper Cuts is now available in my shop!

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