Paper Cuts - the Bella Solids one + Tester Quilts

Paper Cuts - the Bella Solids one + Tester Quilts

It is time for my cover girl to shine! I love love love this color palette using Bella Solids.

As I mentioned in my first blogpost, I designed Paper Cuts two years ago! I still can't believe it was that long ago. Luckily, I found all my original mock ups when I was trying out different color combos. I always knew I really wanted to do a yellow, green, teal to blue vibe though.

I was a little nervous on the palette because I was using Bella swatches that I couldn't put next to each other. I am so glad that the colors ended up being the right tones and depth of saturation for what I wanted.

The colors I used are all Moda Bella Solids:

  • Baby Yellow
  • Acid Lime
  • Wasabi
  • Spearmint
  • Bright Turquoise
  • Bright Sky
  • Capri
  • White Unbleached

It's just so pretty. And I loved taking a couple photos of all my pieces ready to be made into columns.

Once again, before I knew it, I had a quilt top!

We took this out on our quilt photoshoot adventure along with the Clementine quilt. But for this one, we found a teal wall.

I knew before I even sent this quilt off to Kaitlyn that I wanted to use the panto called Swivel Circles. It creates such fun movement across the quilt top which I thought is fun since the colors change across the quilt as well. And GET READY FOR SOME PHOTOS!

I think as you can see, this was the only Throw Size quilt that stayed on the wall for us! And THANK GOODNESS because it being my "cover girl" I wanted the best photos of this one. And I was able to hop in front of the quilt for some photos. 


What you just saw was Amy instructing me on what to do with my body to get some fun out of focus shots. Stand still but pretend you are walking, walk away, twirl, skip and run. I never question her anymore because the photos always turn out so fun.

My typical photoshoot requirements per quilt are the following:

  • Flat lay images of quilt hanging on the wall
  • Detail photos of quilt hanging on wall
  • Styled photos with large amounts of environment around
  • Detailed styled photos (closer in shots not on a wall)
  • Me in a photo with my work

I really had this vision of me just holding the quilt in the middle of the studio space with Amy taking a photo of all the surroundings. I love being able to show the "pretty shot" that hides all the other things going on but I also love showing real life. This photoshoot was Amy's first work commitment since having her second baby Gus. He was 5 weeks old during this shoot and slept like a champ in his carseat the entire time while my child ran around like a nut or sat on the couch playing with an iPad.

I mean, you can't get a "bad" shot with Amy's talent, this space and a pretty quilt.

Okay, now that I have throughly made your eyeballs hurt with all of these photos, let's add more!!! haha! It is time to talk about all the amazing tester quilts!

Joy always pulls out the most amazing scrappy quilts. She ended up using my pattern to not only test but also make a full size commissioned quilt. One of things I love about this pattern is, it is pretty easy to add rows or columns to get it to the size you need. 

Jessica is my local Portland scrappy quilt loving queen! She made a quilt for her dad for Christmas and customized it to be extra long for her dad and add a cute little heart into one of the blocks. She also made the colors change from top to bottom. I am telling ya, it's so easy to change how you play with this pattern! ADORABLE.

Denise made this adorable Tula Pink baby quilt. I love those bananas!!

Cat made this beauuuuttiful amazing Paper Cuts and she used the scrappy instructions and made the colors change diagonally. SO GOOD.

Jackie used the scrappy instructions too AND she made the colors change in this curved shape that is AMAZING. I love how creative everyone has been using Paper Cuts. It makes my heart so happy!

Theresa and her mom Janis made this Paper Cuts with super fun bird fabrics!

Lindsey made a beautiful monochromatic neutral version for her son. I love it!

Sarah without a doubt creates a beautiful quilt AND then takes stunning photos. I love this bright solid Paper Cuts and it looks perfect in the snow.

Cheryl made this beautiful Paper Cuts with the Lindley lawn floral and some other fun prints. I love it!

My girl Evie is working on a scrappy Paper Cuts using some beautiful Ruby Star Society fabrics. I don't provide FQ material requirements but because I do provide scrappy information you can totally use FQs to make this quilt! That is what Evie is doing.

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