Goldie Quilt SAL - Week 8

Goldie Quilt SAL - Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of the Goldie Quilt SAL! Holy smokes you guys! We did it! This is our final week of the Goldie Quilt SAL!
This week, we are sewing our long sashing strips together and laying out our pieces and assembling our entire Goldie Quilt!


Week 8: Post a photo of your two new Goldie Blocks or all of them together to show your progress! Be sure to use the #goldiesal hashtag to be entered into this week's giveaway.
You must post by Thursday March 23rd at 11:59pm PST to be entered into the Week 5 giveaway. Each week starts fresh on Fridays and the previous weeks post won't count for the next week's prize.
The weekly prizes will be the same throughout the SAL. One person will win the opportunity to get a 15 piece FQ bundle from me! You will be contacted when you win and then you get to let me know the color palette you are interested in - all blues, neutrals, rainbow, etc. And I will take your idea and build you a bundle! You get to also tell me if you want all solids, all prints or a mix. I can't wait to specially curate a new bundle each week! And yes, this is open to international participants.
We had some sickness come through our house this week so I am delayed in pulling this past week's bundle but it's coming!


The first thing we are going to be sewing this week are the Long Sashing Strips! You should have set aside the long strips during Week 2 to be sewn later. Well, now, is later!
You will follow all the same guidance I provide in Week 3 about the Short Sashing Strips. Essentially, don't over think it! Sew (3) strips together, pressing seams open and just make sure you don't sew (2) of the same fabric together next to each other.

You can chain piece this section to speed things up! 

Once these Long Sashing Strips are done, it's time to collect our (9) Goldie Blocks and (4) remaining Cornerstone 9 Patches. Let's lay out our blocks and Cornerstone 9 Patches. Once you like the block layout, now it's time to play around with the Long Sashing Strips and where you want those to go. If you have a design wall, this is the perfect time to use it. If you don't, use your bed or floor! Whatever you got will work!

Again, do not over think where the Long Sashing Strips go. The couple tips I will provide are:
  • Try not to have a Long Sashing Strip and a Short Sashing Strip touch if they are the same fabric. Sometimes its impossible to avoid but if you can, do it!
  • Be mindful of two of the same fabrics being stacked above each other. It is more a visual line of sight thing - if the same fabric is on the same visual plane (vertical or horizontal) the eye will read it as one long (harsh) line.

Once you like your layout, sew your rows together!
We will be sewing our Block Rows and our Sashing Rows and then we will attach them all together!

Press your final seams open and BOOM!! You did it! You are done! How exciting!!!
I really hope you loved making this quilt with me. I have super enjoyed seeing all the blocks pop up on Instagram and I've seen some sentiments of "I didn't like it at the start, felt a little crazy but once you see the fabrics interact, it actually works!" WOO HOO! Thank you for trusting me!
Here are a few pictures of my finished quilt up close, I will share some final shots next week when I announce the Goldie Quilt SAL Grand Prize Winner!!


There will be a Week 8 winner as well as a Grand Prize winner! The Grand Prize winner will be randomly selected from all the participants who posted to IG during the SAL! And the winner will win FREE Longarm Quilting from Emily of So Sunny Quilts!
Also, anyone who participated in the Goldie Quilt SAL can send their finished quilt top to Emily for longarm quilting and receive a 10% off on her services if you send it in by May 1st, 2023.


The Week 7 winner of a custom bundle curated by Meghan is... @amyjohnstonrobertston. Amy is making a gorgeous all print Ruby Star Society Goldie. Please email us at so we can get a bundle going for you!

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