Goldie Quilt SAL - Week 3

Goldie Quilt SAL - Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Goldie Quilt SAL! Last week we cut all of our fabrics and mix + matched our Goldie blocks. This week we finally are sewing!
If you are just joining, welcome! Be sure to grab the Goldie Quilt Pattern, sign up for the weekly blogpost email reminders and then read the following blogposts:
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This week we are sewing our Cornerstone 9 Patches and making our first Goldie block! 


Week 3: Post a photo of your first Goldie Block to show your progress! Be sure to use the #goldiesal hashtag to be entered into this week's giveaway.
You must post by Thursday February 16th at 11:59pm PST to be entered into the Week 3 giveaway. Each week starts fresh on Fridays and the previous weeks post won't count for the next week's prize.
The weekly prizes will be the same throughout the SAL. One person will win the opportunity to get a 15 piece FQ bundle from me! You will be contacted when you win and then you get to let me know the color palette you are interested in - all blues, neutrals, rainbow, etc. And I will take your idea and build you a bundle! You get to also tell me if you want all solids, all prints or a mix. I can't wait to specially curate a new bundle each week! And yes, this is open to international participants.
Here is a photo of the Week 1 Giveaway Winner's bundle. She told me she'd love a Seaglass inspired bundle with a mix of solids and prints. And boy was this a joy for me to curate!


First, a few suggestions and reminders while working your way through the Goldie quilt:
  • After sewing multiple of these quilts, I recommend using a SCANT 1/4" seam allowance. This is truly just a smidge smaller than the normal 1/4" seam allowance. This allows for better pressing/nesting and accurate trimming. If you'd like to know more about scant seams, Brittany of Lo & Behold Stitchery has a great blogpost all about them.
  • Be sure you really trim all of your units to the size stated in the pattern. The Cornerstone 9 Patches should be a 3 1/2" square unfinished.
  • Be mindful of the pressing instructions. Some sections you press seams towards a dark or light fabric and then nest the seams in the next time. But then the final seams may be pressed open. There is a mixture in this pattern and having nicely pressed seams will make the blocks and quilt lay flat nicely.
  • USE PINS. The Goldie Block requires a lot of seams to be matching and pins will help greatly with this.
I am bringing you along with our sewing process for our Goldie Quilt. We are starting with the Cornerstone 9 Patches. Our fabrics are a beautiful soft minty blue and a light printed peach fabric. They are pretty low contrast but the minty blue fabric is considered the Dark Fabric and the peach is the Light Fabric.
For the Throw Quilt Size, you will be making a total of 13 of these Cornerstone 9 Patches.

Now that our Cornerstone 9 Patches are done, we can set aside all of them but 1. Each Goldie Block requires one Cornerstone 9 Patch.
Okay, we are ready to work on our first Goldie block! As we sew along, we are following the pattern instructions starting with all the pieces needed for one Goldie Block and then moving into Steps 4 - 31 in the pattern.
Here are all of our pieces needed for our first Goldie block.

We will first be sewing our Large 9 Patches - Making Set 1 and Set 2. We will end up with four 9 Patch units.

Look at the fun little details in this floral print. The adorable little girl on a swing and this cute little piggie!
Next up, we are moving onto our Half Square Triangle units. These are what create the "claws" of the Bear Paw units. We will be sewing three different sets of HSTs. Collect your HST squares from the FQs and from the background fabric.

Next up, we are sewing our Short Sashing Strips together. Do not over think this part. My only suggestion is to NOT sew together (2) of the same strips together in a single 3 piece strip set. Pressing seams open here is important.
Now that all of our units needed for the Goldie Block are sewn, trimmed and ready to be assembled together, let's do it!
We are now at the Block Assembly section of the pattern and starting at Step 18.

Once our Bear Paw units are ready, we get to attach them to our Large 9 Patch units. 

Now it's about laying out the rest of our Goldie block sections, sewing them into their rows and then all together. Again, USE PINS. :) Also, we found that the fabrics seem to naturally want to go towards the Short Sashing Strip pieces. We wrote in the pattern to press seams open but after a few Goldie quilts, we've found more success pressing our seams to the side TOWARD the sashing pieces. Then you can nest the rows easier.

THERE SHE IS!!! Our Goldie Block. I love her so much. Give your block a good final press and set aside. Now, we will be making 2 Goldie Blocks for the next 4 weeks. These blocks are fun to jump in and out of but also can be fun when you find a great rhythm that works for you.


The Week 2 winner of the custom FQ bundle curated by me, is @cabinfeverknits! Congrats Brianne!! Please send us an email at and we will get working on your custom bundle!!

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