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The Modern Holiday Quilt Collection - The Starry Skies Quilt

The Starry Skies Quilt


I am so excited to finally share with you guys what Lindsey (Pen + Paper Patterns) and I have been secretly working on since LAST August. I have always admired Lindsey for her talent, aesthetic and kindness. I brought up the idea of doing a collaboration with her but I had no idea what yet. She said she'd love to do something together and so we started brain storming. Pretty quickly we landed on doing a fun modern take on multiple holidays. A year of holidays essentially. And we wanted them to be quick, block based and beginner friendly without sacrificing design. We landed on 4 holidays and we each took ownership of two. I choose 4th of July because I love a good star quilt and I also picked Halloween because I wanted to challenge myself with something a bit more playful and whimsical. Lindsey took on Valentine's day and Christmas

This is the first time I have ever done a pattern collaboration. Thankfully Lindsey has a done a few of these before so she was very helpful in discussing the processes and we honestly really work well together. I could not have imaged a better person to share my ideas with, they were respected, encouraged and uplifted. Lindsey is an amazing partner. She sounds like my wife. haha She is my work wife now.

Onto the Starry Skies Quilt!

The Starry Skies quilt is a FQ friendly quilt and finishes at a large throw size of 68" x 70".

You can purchase the Starry Skies quilt in my shop or in Lindsey's. Both shops will carry all individual PDF patterns as well as a discounted bundle price for all 4 patterns.

I wanted to create a new modern star quilt for 4th of July. Not only do I think of this holiday as one with great food, yard games and fireworks but also it creates a specific feeling.

In Oregon everyone says summer doesn't start until July 4th. It is true, the warm weather suddenly appears and sticks around. Warm summer nights are magical here and being able to see all the stars in the sky sparkle is welcomed after all the rain. I wanted the pattern to have movement as if the stars are twinkling. Between the Star Blocks rotating positions and the small Diamond Blocks being offset, I feel like it really gives a feeling of stars floating in a night sky.

The Starry Skies quilt is a perfect summer picnic quilt. Can't you just image laying it in the grass and eating grapes and carrots and sandwiches with your friends and family?

Of course I had to take a couple photos of myself in front of the quilt. Also - my weirdness comes out always in photos. Especially this face:

 The quilting on this quilt is AMAZING. Kaitlyn of Knot and Thread Designs did the quilting on all four patterns. I believe the quilt design is called Midnight Sparkle. Perfect, right?

One of the fun things Lindsey and I will be doing along with this pattern release is casual sewalongs for each holiday! Since the patterns are block based and beginner friendly, they make for fast finishes. More information will be posted soon but the Starry Skies sewalong will be hosted on Instagram and starts later this month!

If you want to make this exact quilt, you are in luck! Fabric Bubb has a quilt kit bundle for each of our patterns. To buy the Starry Skies Quilt bundle, click here.

I am so excited to see what everyone makes. I am not sure for my sewalong quilt if I will do another all solids or do a print version? I can't decide.

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Happy celebrating!