The Modern Holiday Quilt Collection - The Ghost Quilt

The Modern Holiday Quilt Collection - The Ghost Quilt

The Ghost Quilt


The Modern Holiday Quilt Collection is out now! You can buy the Ghost Quilt here as well as all the other patterns in my shop. Get all four PDF patterns at a bundle discount here

To say I am giddy about this pattern is a understatement. I AM OBSESSED. When I decided to take on Halloween as my other holiday, I was a bit nervous. I haven't really made any whimsical or cutesy patterns before. Lindsey is the QUEEN of adorable patterns. Somehow she can see any real object in life and turn it into an adorable pattern. Me - not so much. 

I originally played around with a pumpkin pattern. I still think it would be a great pattern - a bit more jack o'lantern style but I felt I wanted to do something not pumpkin related. There are quite a few amazing pumpkin patterns out there already.

One day last fall my son came home from preschool with an adorable little white ghost. The ghost was cut out of white craft paper, had 2 eyes and one rounded mouth and a curved little tail. It looked like it was surprised or saying "BOO!". The second I saw that, I was like DING DING DING. I am going to make a ghost pattern.

I played around with a few different ideas and Lindsey helped me streamline the actual construction. Less seams = less work = happier people. 

Because both of my patterns are kind of based loosely on night time, I also wanted these ghosts to feel like they were floating or flying around. The tails switch direction and the blocks are offset to create that subtle movement.

The quilt finishes at 62" x 64" and is block based so it would be easy to customize the pattern to your perfect size. 

I used Acid Lime from Kona Cotton for the backing and a thin black and white strip from Sevenberry for the binding. I love the pop of color you get in these photos.

Kaitlyn of Knot and Thread Designs quilted this quilt as well. We picked a Blue Moon Design pattern so it feels a little like maybe the ghosts are floating around in the moon light. Spppooookkkyyy.

If you want to make this exact quilt top, you can! Fabric Bubb is carrying a bundle and you can purchase it here.

The sewalong for the Ghost Quilt will start in mid August. That should give everyone time to finish up the quilt, quilt it yourself or send to a long armer and have back by October! More information will be provided later. I have no idea what I'll make but I am sure it'll be so fun! 

Amy Wennerlind is my amazing photographer who shot all of these studio photos. We tried to "ghost me" by walking or spinning in front of the quilt. 

Don't forget to check out the Starry Skies blogpost as well.

I can't wait to see what everyone makes and I hope you love these patterns as much as Lindsey and I do.



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