TCJ Limited Edition Summer Bundles are here!

TCJ Basics Bundle - Flower Tile Quilt + HST Bonus Quilt

I am back! If you haven't heard, I curated a new Basics Bundle for Robert Kaufman and it is shipping to stores this month!! I've made several quilts to show how you can showcase the bundle. I first wrote about the Jawbreaker Quilt I made and included a tutorial on how to use FQs for the entire quilt. Next, I wrote about the scrappy Paper Cuts quilt I made and included new cutting diagrams for those wanting to use FQs. And now, it is time for my Flower Tile Quilt and the bonus HST you can make from it! Two quilts in one!!
The Flower Tile Quilt Pattern was designed to showcase large scale prints or your favorite fabrics and colors. The pattern is block based, FQ friendly or half yard friendly. And because of the way the block is constructed, each corner produces an additional HST which can be turned into another smaller quilt! 
I knew immediately I wanted to make a Flower Tile Quilt plus the bonus HST quilt to showcase the TCJ Basics Bundle. Because the blocks are larger chunks of fabric, you get to see the beautiful texture of these fabrics. I really really love how these quilts turned out. I used 20 out of the 24 FQs to make both quilt tops. Let's start with the main quilt.
I made the Large Throw size which finished at 64" x 80". I used 20 FQs and Kona White as background. When I was mixing and matching the blocks - 2 fabrics per block plus background - I really just went for it. I wanted some high constrast mixes and some low contrast.
The fabrics seem so much more intense lined up next to each other before you add the background fabric. The background fabric really does play a role in the overall design and letting the colors *pop* from their placement.
Once I mixed and matched, it was time to sew up the blocks! They are really fun to just chain piece.
After all my blocks were made, I spent a little bit of time mixing and rearranging the blocks but settled fairly quickly on the layout. For the assembly of the top, this time I sewed the rows together first (4 blocks in a row) and then sewed them together. Sometimes I also sew the blocks in quadrants. I change it up almost every time. 
There is no other feeling that finishing that final seam on a quilt top and being able to stand back and admire it. It is SO satsifying. And I typically immediately go to my camera to capture the finished top. So here we go!
Now once my quilt top was done, I had to get back to work on the extra HST that are created in each block. Each block creates 4 HSTs. So 20 blocks = 80 HSTs. You can do anything with them but I have always loved the simplicity of a same direction HST quilt.
I made quilt that is 8 x 10. I laid them out on the ground and moved HSTs around until I liked the lay out. I really tried not to think too much about placement because that is the beauty of a simple quilt top.
The top came together quickly. We sewed the rows together first, then pressed each row opposite directions so all the seams nested together. 
I meant to get good shots for my quilt tops before sending them off for quilting. We as a family drove downtown and I brought my camera but promptly the battery died. I was SO upset. But I at least still had my phone and snapped these photos.
And yes, those are both of my boys behind those quilts. And it makes me burst with pride and happiness and support.
I sent both of these quilts off to Kaitlyn of Knot & Thread Designs. I chose small hexies for the main Flower Tile Quilt and then bubbles for the HST quilt. I love the small geometric texture they bring. Both quilts were bound scrappy and I LOVE the bindings. Here are a couple full flat lay photos of the finished tops.
Now let's see them beautifully styled in Amy's home. I sound like a broken record but Amy captures my work and then magnifies it beyond what I could fathom. I love her eye, her style, her love for what she does.
The Bonus HST quilt finished at 42" x 52.5" which is perfect for a baby, kid, toddler or just small throw.
Even in the HST the fabrics are highlighted so well. The texture and colors really get to stand on their own. 
The process of curating this bundle, making the quilts and sharing them with you has been such a joy. I can't wait to see all the beautiful creations made with the TCJ Basics Bundle.