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Then Came June Basics Bundle

I am so happy and excited to finally share about my latest project with Robert Kaufman! Say hi to the new Then Came June Basics Bundle! The bundle ships to stores in May 2020!
The TCJ Basics Bundle includes 24 FQs of Kona Cotton, Linens, Wovens and Chambrays; in a range of bright colors and some neutrals. 
The idea for the Basics bundle came about after chatting with my contact at Robert Kaufman. I reached out saying I had been thinking about how much fun I had curating my first bundle with RK - the TCJ Kona Solids Bundle last year and I was hoping we could team up again. It was perfect timing and she told about her idea of me working within their basics lines. I jumped at the chance because whenever I made a quilt for myself, I love using a mix of textures and substrates. It really is something I personally prefer over all quilting cotton. 
After saying yes, I basically had complete freedom to play within all of their basics collections. And ya'll, Robert Kaufman has SO many basics collections. I was given 19 to explore. AND, within each one, there could be 10 to 99 different  options in a single collection!! My head almost exploded from all the possibilities. But, I paired it down to about 9 lines and I was sent swatches to play around with.
I was clipping swatches, ripping out fabric from the packets, cutting out Kona cards until I decided on the bundle. To be honest, I just let the swatches speak to me and I picked out this bundle in about 20 minutes. I am driven by instinct and it just all clicked right away for me.
 The only thing I knew for sure I wanted in this bundle were 3 things.
1. A range of bright and neutral fabrics.
2. I had to make sure I included stripes and gingham in it.
3. That I could curate lots of fun sub color stories within the bundle.
I am so glad I was able to put 24 fabrics in the bundle because it allowed me to create depth within my main color families - greys/blacks, corals/blushes, greens/yellows and blues/teals. Once the bundle was approved, I couldn't wait to get the fabric shipped so I could see it all together in person and not just in tiny little swatches!
I mean.... let's just stare at those photos for a minute. Scroll back up, it's okay.
The texture is undeniable. The couple metallics sparkle. The gingham pops. The colors are bright and smooth at the same time. I AM IN LOVE.
One of my favorite things about larger bundles (16+ fabrics) is you get such a variety of fabrics. Larger bundles give you more freedom to make a larger quilt. Or, break down the bundle and use it in multiple projects when you add in background fabric. 
Let's take a look at all the amazing sub palettes that can be created within my Basics Bundle.
And then here it is all together again.
I have always mixed different types of fabric together in a single quilt without really thinking about it. I love the variety, the extra crinkle it can bring, the softness of wovens, especially linens, when washed and the overall look. But, I do recognize, that mixing substrates may put people off a bit. 
Here are my tips for sewing with different substrates in one quilt.
  • USE STARCH. Starch is your best friend and your fabric equalizer. I use starch when I am pressing out my FQs before cutting. By using a good amount of starch, you add a layer of stability to your fabric and helps them all act more similar in stiffness when cutting and sewing.
  • I don't prewash personally unless it is flannel or denim. But, if pre-washing makes you more confident, then do that.
  • There may be very slight differences in shrinkage when these fabrics are washed but it has never made a big difference to my final look. Plus, it just adds a tiny bit of extra crinkle - which I love. Again, if you are concerned, prewash and you'll be fine!
  • Use a sharp rotary cutter. Essex Linen and Manchester may fray a bit when you are cutting but once sewn shouldn't be an issue.
  • Be sure your 1/4" seam allowance is accurate and press your seams really well. Linens add a bit more bulk to seams. 
  • Always always wash cold and tumble low.
  • The first few times you wash a quilt, throw in Color Catchers to help catch any bleeding that may occur.
  • Handle with care and have a little extra patience. Yes, woven fabrics act a little differently from quilting cottons but it is completely possible and FUN to use them in a single quilt. Just know, they may be a little more shifty, so be gentle, use extra pins if you feel necessary and just work a little more intentionally. 
  • Have fun! Quilting isn't about perfection, it's about creating something that you love and learning along the way.
Buying a bundle with mixed fabrics in it can be the perfect way to get your foot wet into the world of mixing substrates! It's a smaller amount of fabric and an easier way to test it out. I love using different textures and linens and I hope you will too!
The Then Came June Basics Bundle ships to stores in May 2020. If you'd like to purchase the bundle, be sure to ask your favorite quilt store to carry it. Also, there are several online stores I know that are taking preorders for this bundle.
Fabric Bubb
Handmade is Heartmade
Cottoneer Fabrics 
Quilt Supply Co
Modern Domestic
Canadian Online Shops taking pre-orders
Stacked Fabric Company
Troll Brothers Quilting
Studio 39 Fabrics
Elegante Virgule
I'll be back soon to show all the quilts I made using my newest bundle. Here is a sneak peak.