Speckled Radiate Bundles + Mock Ups

Speckled Radiate Bundles + Mock Ups

You guys, Speckled is now shipping to stores and it is my favorite new basic! Speckled fabric is a new basic by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Ruby Star Society and everything about it is amazing. There are currently 32 color ways and almost every single one has metallic in it. THEY ARE SO GOOD. 

I am partnering with Fabric Bubb to bring you a couple quilt bundles and lots of ideas for Speckled Radiate bundles! I actually just bought the whole 32 FQ bundle from Fabric Bubb because it is just SO good.

If you remember, I made my latest quilt pattern Radiate, in the Speckled fabric for the RSS Spring 2019 Quilt Market. You can read up about that here. Well now that the Speckled fabric is actually available in stores, I thought it would be fun to create a couple bundles for you with Fabric Bubb! 

The first Speckled Radiate Quilt bundle is the one I used as my Radiate pattern cover sample! Every fabric is Speckled and the quilt bundle includes the 1/4 yard cuts and background fabric to make the top! Fabric Bubb has a very limited quantity of these bundles so grab one while you can!

The best thing about this pattern and these bundles is that you can move around the 1/4 yard cuts and use them wherever you want in the quilt itself. My accent squares in the original are Citron (the bright green one) but you could use black instead. They are interchangeable so the final layout and combinations are up to you!

The Radiate Quilt Bundle in Valentine is inspired by Valentine's Day coming up. We thought it would be fun to play with pinks/reds and add a touch of blue for a modern spin. And this bundle is for the (11) 1/4 yard cuts needed (including accent) but you can choose your own background fabric. I have made three mock ups in this color way - a white background, a grey background and a black background. It's a choose your own adventure style!

Because these fabrics and colors are so beautiful, I couldn't stop making mock ups of Radiate in Speckled! And the best part, it is super easy to order 1/4 yard cuts from Fabric Bubb so you can easily create your own bundle order based on these mock ups. Most of my inspiration for these mock ups was Spring inspired. I know it's currently winter and Christmas time but I am always thinking and looking ahead to the New Year and what it brings. 

Okay, here we go! First up is what I am calling the Retro Spring Radiate. 

I really want to make this one or someone make it and make my dreams come true! The following Speckled prints are used in this mock up: Earth, Peach, Cotton Candy, Bright Blue, Pine, Cactus, Citron, Sunshine, Turquoise, Emerald Green and Peony. 

Next up: Spring Neutral Radiate

This color palette reminds me of the Earth waking up again but can't decide to open her eyes or go back to sleep. There are still some darker, cooler tones but with pops of new life in the bright yellow and green. I used these Speckled fabrics in this mock up: Confetti, Citron, Peach, Cotton Candy, Soft Blue, Denim, Dove, Peony, Sunshine, Khaki and Natural.

Next Up: Green + Blue Radiate


The variety in color the Speckled line brings is wide. I wanted to highlight some of the colors that weren't pinks/purples. This mock up is bold and strong without being overpowering and I love that. The Speckled fabrics I used are: White Gold, Black, Teal, Bright Blue, Peach, Soft Blue, Cactus, Citron, Sunshine, Turquoise, Emerald Green.

Next Up: Desert Vibes Radiate

I wanted to play with some of the warmer tones in this mock up paired with bright colors. It reminds me of a desert in bloom. The Speckled prints I used are: Neon Pink, Sunstone, Warm Red, Daisy, Strawberry, Bright Blue, Teal, Cactus, Cayenne, Peony and Sunshine.

Lastly I wanted to make a Speckled mock up based on the Kona baby quilt I made during the release.

The Speckled prints I used in this one are: Peach, Warm Red, Bright Blue, Black, Khaki, Peony and Sunshine.

I really love making mock ups and had so much fun doing these! I can't wait to get my 32 FQs and use them in a new quilt! Speckled would look amazing in a lot of my other patterns too - Meadowland, Flower Tile, Jawbreaker, Sienna Burst, Granny Cabin, etc... all of those patterns are FQ friendly too! Happy sewing!

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