Sienna Burst Quilt Along - Week Four

Sienna Burst Quilt Along - Week Four

Welcome to Week Four!

At the end of this week we will be at the half way point! I can't believe that. I took this past weekend off and it was so fabulous. It did put me a bit behind starting the week out but nothing a good 2 days of sewing couldn't fix.

You guys are doing so good with your blocks. I am SO impressed. I think my next requirement should be that everyone who finishes a quilt has to send it to me. HAHA. I want to see all of them in real life and snuggle them. And even a few of you have finished ALL your blocks! You crazy over achievers. ;)


  • Make 4 more blocks. You should end this week with 8 blocks total, half way!
  • Post on Instagram. Post pictures of your progress and your 8 blocks by Sunday on the #siennaburstqal hashtag to be eligible for this week's prize. It. Is. Good. Go check it out!


Fabrics I am using:

Background Fabric : Kona White

FQ Fabric: Blueberry Park 3 by Karen Lewis Textiles (ships to stores in May) Bright/Neutral

I just finished my 4 new blocks this morning and I am SO excited. I may even try and get another 4 in this week so I can take off Easter weekend too. :) 

If i had to choose a favorite block right now, it would probably be this one below. It's so soft and soothing but I like the warmth of that orange/gold fabric.

Don't forget to go check out everyone's progress on Instagram. You guys are killing it at life. So proud!


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