Scrappy Fabric Twinkle Garland - a Quick Tutorial

Scrappy Fabric Twinkle Garland - a Quick Tutorial

We've created a fun and easy project to add a festive glow to your home over the winter season. It's a great use of fat quarters and scraps. 

Supplies Needed:

-One or more strand of LED lights. * LED lights are a great option that do not omit heat. 
Here are the lights we used
-Variety of fabrics to cut into 1"x 10" strips.

Planning out your strand:

We used 2 strands of 100 lights each plugged together.  The strands have about 3 inches of spacing between each light. We planned for 2 fabric strips per light for a total of approximately 400 fabric strips needed. We pulled together a colorful bundle of 12 fat quarters. Each fat quarter provides (36) 1" x 10" fabric strips. We cut 432 strips to use for our 200 light strand. 
You could also use (4) Half Yard Cuts or (2) 1 yard cuts or a single 2 yard cut of fabric if you want a more cohesive look. 
Alternatively, if you want to use more or less light strands, just use the math of for every 100 lights = 2 strips. For example, if you have a 50 light strand, you will only need 100 strips. Also, if your lights are larger and have more than 3" between each light, you may want to bump up the number of strips used between them.
 Now comes the fun part. Throw on some music or plop yourself down in front of the TV. Tie your fabric strips as shown in the photos below. Tie a few strips between each light covering the wire between each light.  
This is a simple project that many hands can work on at the same time. Gather friends and family, kids can help too. 
We did not use any certain formula for how to divide the strips when tying them onto the strand. We tried to alternate and let the colors build organically. If you want a particular pattern, feel free to set up your strips in a certain order before tying.
The twinkle garland can add a fun punch of color to your Christmas tree. You can hang it draped on a wall or around a window. Or just use it decorate your dog. Depending on your choice of fabric colors it can be brought out for other occasions, New Year's Eve and Birthdays. You can even hang it on your patio to twinkle on a warm summer night. 

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