Radiate - The Bella Solids One

Radiate - The Bella Solids One

The Radiate Quilt Pattern is now available to purchase in my shop!
The second Radiate quilt we are chatting about today is this beauty made with Bella Solids. Each color in this combo is part of the Ruby Star Society coordinates. And Evie has this palette listed as a kit in her shop!
I talked last week about how I had a burn out this summer. A part of this burn out was me also recognizing I wouldn't be able to pull off this pattern release without a little help. I always want to make sure my work and my patterns are up to my own set standards. I love providing multiple color ideas for quilt patterns, specifically, real quilts. This time, I asked my friend, Evie to help me make this version and she blew it out of the water! 
I curated the color palette with her help. Here were some ideas I came up with when using the Bella solid coordinates for RSS.


We finally landed on this one but we weren't sure on the accent colors yet. Also, it was more about the palette working out than the quilt needing to look exactly as the mock up. And using Illustrator colors is always a bit different in real life but luckily Evie has all of the RSS colors stocked in her online shop. She was able to take real photos of the combos together to make sure they looked great together.

After we picked these colors Evie just went for it! We waited until all the main blocks were made before deciding on the accent colors. Another amazing thing about Evie... her ability to take super fun and bright photos of her process.

Evie and I both love any pattern that we can chain piece and this pattern is great for it.

We ended up going with a bright Magenta Pink for the accents. It is so fun and makes them pop and sparkle. Also, I want this door in my house too, perfect photo backdrop.

After Evie finished this top, she shipped it off to Kaitlyn of Knot & Thread Designs. Pretty quickly I decided on the modern waves quilt panto. I love how the quilting movement also plays up the movement created by mixing and matching block colors. Once I got the quilt back to me, I just had to figure out binding and I went for the bright red/coral solid.

Right before our photoshoot, I decided I wanted to take a photo of this quilt on a bright wall somewhere. Alysson suggested IKEA for their bright blue and yellow walls. And it is perfect.

Shall we start with quilts in the air photos of this guy too?!

Amy took a lot of photos of this quilt - she really loved the way it photographed, how the colors pop and so did I. Here is a set of me being like "should I casually throw it over my shoulder and walk?" haha

I love this studio space for its windows mostly and its tall ceilings. I always request that Amy take more wide shots too so we can capture the overall space.


I hopped into a few photos too - per my usual. I like to remember myself at the time of each release because so much life happens between them.

One of the other cool things about this studio space is that they have this big moveable panel walls. Each side is painted a different color and you can use them as backdrops. We decided to take some photos against the dark gray/black wall.


I love that you can see a clear shot of my Elephant tattoo in these last couple photos.

Okay, I have even more photos to share another day! The next blogpost coming up will be my Kona Cotton Baby quilt and my tester versions.
Don't forget to grab your pattern - PDF or Printed.
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