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Radiate Quilt - the Phosphor one

Earlier this year I had the pleasure to work with Libs Elliott's new line called Phosphor. I believe it originally shipped to stores Fall 2020 and guess what! It did so well, it is getting reprinted and will ship early 2021! You guys, this fabric is made to look like a denim but it's printed cotton. And it is by far the most neon, happy fabric in the market. I am obsessed and can't wait to get more!
When Libs asked if I wanted to sew with it, I said YEP! So fast. I haven't ever sewn just all neon style colors and I was excited to play with them. Immediately, I knew I wanted to use Radiate. Neon = Radiance = Perfect Match. Also, the collection has 12 fabrics and I was able to use 11 of them for my quilt top.
The Radiate Quilt Pattern is available in my shop!
The only one I omitted was the red one, third from the bottom. Not because I didn't like it but because I had to take out one and I felt like the red was maybe a bit too intense for the vibes I was wanting in my top. Okay, closer look at the demin like printing.
The variation in color on each print really makes it seem like the fabric is glowing. These photos are barely edited. Like BOOM, so bright! Okay, so one thing I also love about using Radiate is it's a mix and match pattern. So all I had to do was cut my fabric up and then mix it into block piles. But, I was too excited to start sewing my blocks together, I never took a photo of my piles. Woops.
I tried to make sure I was mixing a few blocks that were more similar in color like orange, pink, purple or lime green, green and teal blue. And it creates a really fun depth but also I made sure some blocks were more contrasting.
Each block stands out on its own and tells its own color story. And together, oh boy! It is magic!
After I finished the blocks, it was time to make my sashing cornerstone blocks. They are small but powerful! They really add a lot to the design once it's put together.
The blocks are all made straight forward but then during quilt assembly you slice some in half and quarters, then assemble on point. For this quilt, I do actually use pins, it just makes sewing them all together so much smoother.
Here is the top in my favorite photos to take: the crinkle floor shots!
My boys and I went on a little wall adventure after I finished this top. We drove around quite a bit and kept popping out to walls and driveways and storefronts. I am sure we look a bit nuts to people walking by but whatever! I like doing this stuff!
We did find this one wall that was perfect color wise but terrible lighting at the time. And it is on a slanted entrance to a parking lot. But one day I will come back with the perfect quilt and make sure I time it well with the sunlight.
I mean, the quilt is truly so bright and happy. It makes me smile because of how cheerful it is.
I sent this quilt off to Kaitlyn of Knot + Thread Designs. I was a bit stumped on the design I wanted since the top is already pretty loud and in your face. But after her suggestion that we loved, we realize we had used it on a Baby Radiate a year ago and it was perfect! Why fix it, if it's not broken?! 
The panto is called Starlight and isn't it perfect? It compliments the shimmery feels of the Phosphor fabric so well. I love how it looks. 
We were able to get this quilt to stay on the wall a bit easier than some of the other ones we shot this day.
It was fun to get some shots in front of this Radiate quilt. It is so bright and happy and so of course we took some silly shots. Amy said "run in place" and so I did. I am a very good listener.
We also did some quilts in the air shots of this one. I feel some BIG magic carpet vibes here.
I believe I backed this quilt in Bella Solids Fuschia and I bound it in Kona Cotton Acid Lime - fabric I had in my stash.
I really love this Radiate quilt so much. The Radiate Pattern is available in my shop and is such a fun mix and match pattern. Please tag me in your makes if you share on social media! #thencamejunepatterns #radiatequilt
And now the age ol' question: do I keep this quilt or not?!