Granny Cabin Quilt - The Heather Ross One

Granny Cabin Quilt - The Heather Ross One

The Granny Cabin Sew Along starts September 16th! Over 500 people have joined, will you?!

Since I made FOUR Granny Cabin quilts for the release, (but mainly because it is an addicting pattern and I couldn't stop making them) I decided to break up the blogposts. The second Granny Cabin I made is this baby version in pinks and purples. 

I had just finished my first Granny Cabin - The Add It Up One and instantly wanted to test out my baby size math and measurements before sending the pattern out to my testers. I dug into some recent purchases I made of Heather Ross prints and added in a couple yet-to-be released basics from Rashida Coleman Hale for Ruby Star Society, along with a couple Kona solids.

I really wanted to play up the idea of a more saturated block (reds/purples) and then a more muted block (light pinks/peaches). I think it ended up giving a really fun glow effect and adds depth and movement to the quilt. Also, I decided to fussy cut the very center squares from the adorable mice print. I am not one to intentionally make my work "harder" or more time consuming but these fussy cuts were worth it.

I always forget that baby quilts are so satisfying and quick to make. It feels like... cut cut, sew, sew, press, press, BOOM. DONE!

I really really love this baby quilt. It is whimsical and playful but still bold and modern.


I sent this quilt to Kaitlyn of Knot and Thread Designs along with the Add It Up One. Because the whole design of Granny Cabin is based on a modern take of traditional blocks, I wanted to keep that same idea with the quilting design. We landed on the Interlocking Orange Peel. 

When I was picking the fabric to bind it, I could not decide what would bring it all together. Sometimes I think binding can make or break a quilt. It can be hard to balance something being bold and complimentary without being distracting. I decided on a light pink/purple solid and then a pop of the red strawberries on the right side. 

Granny Cabin is available in my shop! I'll be back again with more blogposts for the Scrappy one and the Kona one PLUS all my tester versions!

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