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Diamond Ripples - Kona Blues

I am excited to share my Kona Blues Diamond Ripples quilt today!
The Diamond Ripples quilt pattern is available in my shop to purchase.
This spring I got to play with Kona cottons to make a quilt to be in the new 2021 Kona Cotton Calendar! Robert Kaufman is releasing their second annual Kona Cotton Calendar and this year it is a desk calendar. Each month highlights a group of colors and there are 3 quilts provided to highlight that month's colors. Two are free patterns from Robert Kaufman and one is a featured designer pattern. Can you guess which month I picked?

I couldn't not pick June and of course it had the gorgeous blues to pick from. I played with only 2 quilt patterns to decide what I wanted to make. I played with Dusk to Dawn and Diamond Ripples. Here are the mock ups that I made when I tried to decide.
I really loved the Dusk to Dawn version but honestly I wanted to make something a bit quicker. I had a lot on my plate at this time. So then I thought Diamond Ripples could be very pretty in a variety of blues. And once I had made this single mock up, it was like YEP! This is what I am making!
It is a bit different than what I usually make when it comes to color palettes. Typically I love a very dark background color or a white to offset the other colors. But this time, I went with a mid tone Blue and then had more depth within the other colors to set it off. It ended up turning out so gorgeous and soothing. 
Of course, digital renderings always look slightly different than the actual fabric. I was anxious to get the fabric in person and make sure the tones and colors were what I envisioned. And let me tell ya, they are GORGEOUS.
The colors from left to right are: Seascape, Oasis, Cyan, Sea Glass, Jamaica, Lagoon, Mediterranean. I also used Jamaica for binding and Bahama Blue for backing.
Diamond Ripples is made almost exclusively from HST and I actually enjoyed the repetitive nature of making this time. I took a bunch of pictures of them all trimmed and pretty.
Then you turn the pile 180 degrees and you get a different view.
It is a fun way to see the gradient come to life before I have even sewn a single block together. And looking at all the seams and trimming, you can see the dedication and time spent on them. I love that.
Once all the HST are trimmed and ready to go, it is time to assemble the quilt in blocks and quadrants. And I love that the blocks themselves nest so I don't use pins.
Now that the blocks are all done, it is sewing them into sections and that is when you really see the quilt come to life.
And suddenly, the top is done! Not having sashing or anything in this pattern, the reveal of the final top feels more quick and fun.
I sent this quilt off to Kaitlyn of Knot and Thread Designs. I knew right away I wanted a subtle quilting design and since this feels like the water, I went with a modern curves panto.
And this next set of photos really show off the texture. The lighting is so moody and highlights the quilting so well. This quilt is one of the most soothing I have made.
 Amy then took the quilt into a different part of her house and the light was more light and bright everywhere. I LOVE this photos so much.
I will keep you guys updated when the Kona Calendar is up for order, I believe soon!