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Campfire Glow - Tester Quilts

Pattern testers are essential to the pattern writing process. Not only for catching typos, grammar, math errors but for witnessing their creative take on the design. I think a good quilt design should look recognizable to the original design no matter what fabric is used. But, it also needs to look aesthetically pleasing regardless of color combos, fabric choices and overall different styles. And the best way to test this practice and adjust instructions as needed, is to have multiple people make it in their own voice. And boy! The testers did SO good for this pattern and I love each one so much. Let's take a look!
First up is Nuria of Fabric Stork. She made this fall inspired Campfire Glow with white stars that totally twinkle. I love the combination of deep warmer tones with the pop of the bright peachy color. So beautiful!
Maggie of @thebrokencactus made a beautiful Baby Campfire Glow. She hand quilted it, used dark stars which are bold and fun. The quilt screams "I am cozy and gorgeous!".
Kathryn of The Cotton Box made the most delicious subtle Stash Buster Campfire Glow. The pattern is so versatile and I love seeing the different takes on it. But all the gingham and linen and combination of greys and corals. SWOON.
Laura of @silversstitches made the Stash Buster option using a Jelly Roll in Christmas prints. The only part of the pattern that doesn't use 2.5" strips are the star blocks. I love how hers turned out!
Tori of @mtnairhhandmade made a Stash Buster throw size quilt. She used golds, blues and creams and it is beautiful. She also takes beautiful photos and snapped this one in the hills of Utah.
Kasie made a gorgeous, glowing, jewel toned baby Campfire Glow and wow!! It is beautiful!! 
Janelle made a Modern Solid version and I love that she actually used White in both of the 9 patch blocks so it looks almost an Irish Chain Campfire Glow. She said she is gifting this one to her husband - win win!
Crystal made a beautiful neutral Modern Solid Campfire Glow. I love the mix of linen and cottons. She also changed up the stars and used different fabrics for them and it creates a fun variety in the top!
Emma made the scrappiest happiest gold Stash Buster Campfire Glow. This is what my scrappy quilt dreams are made of - especially the Liberty of London floral in the star!!
Emily made a stash buster Christmas quilt that is SO GOOD. I love the mixes of linen and prints and solids. It is definitely one I would want to cuddle under for the entire holiday season.
Monica made a baby quilt in Modern Solid with metallic linen stars and I love it! It makes the twinkle factor of the stars even more real!
Joy, of course, hit it out of the park with her Stash Buster Campfire Glow. She is the queen of all things scrappy and hers is just so good.
Sarah brought me so much joy and happiness with her Campfire Glow quilt. She used fabric from each designer from Ruby Star Society and made truly the most cheerful Campfire Glow!
Nicki has been a long time tester for me and she catches every single error I make haha! I am thankful for her attention to detail and this quilt is SO happy and vibrant!