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Bright Side Quilt - the Bluprint ones

The Bright Side Quilt Pattern is available now in my shop! 
You may recognize the quilts in this blogpost. In the fall of 2018 I started developing a beginner friendly quilt class with Bluprint, an online creative education website. I designed the Bright Side pattern for the class. We wanted the pattern to be FQ friendly, block based, sew only straight lines and have a modern flare. I made two samples for the class, the solids one and the one with prints and solids mixed.
The class was filmed in January 2019 and launched a year ago, in August 2019. I had such a fun time filming this class. Everyone I worked with at Bluprint was so friendly, kind and easy to work with. Unfortunately, Bluprint closed this Spring and I believe the class may still live on through another streaming company. But as of now, it is not available to purchase or view. I always planned on relaunching it myself out of my shop and I am excited the time has come!
Making class samples is really a whole new beast. Because you aren't sewing in real time on camera, you basically have to have the quilt all prepped and assembled in multiple phases before even going to shoot. So, you make a single sample 3-4 times in multiple phases. SO MUCH SEWING. 
Let's start with the solids quilt!
We wanted a bright fun color way to shoot on camera. We originally were suppose to launch this class in the late spring/early summer but it kept getting delayed. Anyway, the idea was a bright fun easy quilt could be made during summer months. I have very few photos of the process because I was just trying to keep all my step outs (quilt sample pieces) organized.
Those two images are the only ones I have of the entire quilt top process before I sent it off for quilting. So unlike me! ha I sent both of the quilt tops to Jess of Threaded Quilting Studios. I needed to make sure the panto wasn't too distracting for on camera shots but gave enough texture to show up. We landed on panto called Interlocked Orange Peel. This photo below was captured by Jess after she finished quilting it.
The texture really is beautiful and lends to the happy bright vibes we wanted. Here are some of the promotional photos Bluprint took of the quilt.
Both of the quilts samples had be living at Bluprint for the past 20 months and when they announced they were closing, I was lucky to get them shipped back to me. They were like my long lost friends I sort of forgot about. I gave them to Amy to photograph again in my style and I am so glad I did.
As much as I love good clean studio style shots, I love natural light even more. Amy's house has the most beautiful large windows and light.
You can't deny that the quilting and solids are a match made in heaven. I am SO happy with this quilt. 
But next up: The Prints and Solids Bright Side. We chose to sew this specific one on camera so we wanted to show how you can mix solids and prints. And show off adorable little prints throughout - toads, chickens, camping tents. Love it!
And for this one, I got to do whatever I wanted! I went into Modern Domestic and shopped until my heart was content. I knew in general the color vibes I wanted and had a mock up to go off of. I shopped what current fabric they had and was able to curate such a fun bundle.
Does this palette remind anyone of my Kona Cotton bundle? ;) I was working on both projects at the same time and I think they kinda both showed up in this palette.
Again, I didn't grab many process photos but here are a couple of my top finished.
For this quilt, I wanted a fun whimsical panto that again added texture without being too distracting. We choose a panto called Mike's Swoosh. Photo below was snapped by Jess.
And here are some of the marketing photos from my Bluprint class.
It is fun to get upclose shots of this quilt so you can see all the fun prints in it.
And for even more amazing texture shots...
Bright Side is really a fun pattern, it is quick and the pieces are large so even large scale prints would be fun! Because the pattern is block based, you may need to be mindful of using directional prints. Some of the cutting and block assembly can end up having directional prints face opposite directions during final assembly. It doesn't bother me but if it will for you, just be extra aware. 
If you haven't yet, check out the blogpost about my Kona Cotton Bright Side.
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