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Bright Side Quilt - the Kona One

The Bright Side Quilt Pattern is available in my shop now! You can buy it as a PDF or as a Printed version.
Bright Side is the PERFECT beginner friendly quilt pattern. It finished at 60" x 72" which is a great throw size. It is also FQ friendly with a little bit of yardage for the horizontal blocks. And yes, it is block based!
If you have been a long time follower of me now, you know I love a quick finish and this my friends, is the FASTEST quilt pattern I've ever written. I made this quilt top in a day. From cutting to finished quilt. AND, that is while being distracted with my kiddo around all the time these days.
Even if you aren't a beginner but you need to make something quick, Bright Side is the one to make! It is a good choice for charity quilts, gift quilts, and those needed "for fun" quilts.
Let's talk the color palette. I wanted something a little more warm and fall inspired while also still having my classic pop of a couple bright colors. This palette is all Kona cotton with a bit of Carolina Gingham.
You will need 18 FQs and a bit of yardage for the horizontal blocks. I bet if any of you have a little bit of a stash, you have enough fabric at home to make a Bright Side quilt. The pattern includes a tip or two about how to pick a color palette for this quilt.
Once the colors were picked, it was time to decide where I wanted them to be throughout the quilt. Each fabric is then labeled with a letter in the alphabet and make sure they stayed labeled to keep organized. I just use post its.
After everything is cut, it is time to sew the blocks together. The only ironing you will do for the entire piecing of the quilt will be for the horizontal blocks. You otherwise will not iron a single seam until all of your rows are sewn and ready to be assembled. I hate ironing so this makes me so happy.
Also, chain piecing will be your friend. I chain piece the horizontal blocks and it always creates the most beautiful fabric ribbons.
Like I said, only these 8 horizontal blocks are ironed during the piecing. And they sure are pretty!
Once all the vertical and horizontal blocks are sewn, you assemble row by row. Then once all your rows are sewn, you finally press seams opposite directions for nesting! I love nested seams! I don't use pins because I don't like them but if you are a true beginner, definitely use pins. It will help keep your fabric together and help with any shifting.
Andddd suddenly I have a finished quilt top!
I really do love how this palette turned out. There are some dusty blush tones into warm golds and reds. And of course, some soft purples and deep blues. It is a bit different than my normal but I really like how it came together.
I had no tall humans around when I finished this top so I got creative in how to take photos of it finished. Here are a few more of it hanging over the door of our cabinets. Also, look how happy my snake plant is. It has grown SO tall over the last year.
I was excited to drop this quilt off with Michelle of Mariposa Quilting. She is amazing and does all free motion quilting, either edge to edge or custom. I was able to look back at a custom quilt she did for me a couple years ago that contained multiple designs. I chose one of those and asked if we could do it on repeat and she said yes! The texture is MIND BLOWING. 
Amy, per her usual magical self, captured the quilt so beautifully in her home. I am so lucky to have her in my life. And I can just drop off the quilts on her porch and know she will style and capture them exactly as I would have dreamed.
And let's do a few more close ups on the quilting.
I'll be sharing more pictures of a couple other Bright Side quilts I've made soon. I can't wait to see what you make, be sure to tag me on social media and use the #brightsidequilt and #thencamejunepatterns hashtags!