Everett Star SAL - Week 9

Everett Star SAL - Week 9

Welcome to Week 9 of the Everett Star SAL! This is our last week!


Week 9: Post a photo of your finished Everett Star Quilt top! Be sure to use the #everettstarsal hashtag and tag @thencamejune to be entered into this week's giveaway.
You must post by Thursday March 14th at 11:59pm PST to be entered into the Week 9 giveaway. Each week starts fresh on Friday's and the previous week's post won't count for the next week's prize.
The weekly prizes will be the same throughout the SAL. One person will win the opportunity to get a 10 piece FQ bundle from me and a TCJ Bandana! You will be contacted when you win and then you get to let me know the color palette you are interested in - all blues, neutrals, rainbow, etc. And I will take your idea and build you a bundle! You get to also tell me if you want all solids, all prints or a mix. I can't wait to specially curate a new bundle each week! And yes, this is open to international participants.
Here is the photo of the Week 7 Winner's bundle. They were pretty open to what I wanted to pull but I gravitated towards some plaids and soft colors leading into orange and a pop of fuschia!


This week is all about sewing our components together and creating our Everett Star Quilt top! You should have all 9 Everett Star Blocks finished, your HSTs trimmed and now we assemble!
First up, be sure to lay out your Everett Star Blocks in their correct position in a 3 x 3 grid.

Once you are happy with your block placement, it is time to sew together your three rows and then sew your rows together. PINS ARE NECESSARY. There are a lot of points to match up when assembling your blocks together, use the pins!

Press the final seams open and give the whole top a nice firm press.

Now it's time to lay out our HSTs to create our HST Borders. For our make, one of our (2) fabrics in the HST is directional. I separated the HST into two piles, one with the directional print facing vertical and one facing horizontal. 

From here, we were able to make sure that the blue floral print would all directionally face the same way. One set was used at the top and bottom and the other set was on the sides. We also DID NOT decide on our last final corner HSTs until we had sewn the four sides together. This allowed us to play with a few different arrangements of the HST Border.

Now that our HSTs were sewn together (except the final corner ones), we laid out the different ways they could attach to the main 3 x 3 grid of Everett Star Blocks.

Above shows the darker fabric - the blue floral - being the fabric that touches the blocks. And now here it is with the blue floral in each corner spot to be on the "outside" of the quilt.

Next we switched the four corner HSTs to have the gingham be the outside.

Next, we reversed which fabric in the HST Border touched the blocks - we made the gingham be the interior fabric and the blue floral the outside. Note the placement of the 4 corner HSTs.

Lastly here is the same placement but flipped the corner HSTs. This look really creates a frame around the whole quilt.

But we loved it more when the darker fabric was touching the blocks and the corner HSTs were flipped. It felt more "bursty" instead of framed.

We added our two side HST Borders to the quilt top, attached the two HSTs corner pieces to either side of the Top and Bottom HST Border and finished attaching them! Here is a little sneak peek of the finished top but I will share full photos next Friday when the SAL officially wraps up!


Congrats to Sarah of @sewsarahmakes! You are the Week 8 winner of the Everett Star SAL. Please email hello@thencamejune.com so we can get you your custom bundle! Congrats!

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