Everett Star SAL Information

Everett Star SAL Information

Our Winter 2024 SAL is almost here! We will be making an Everett Star Quilt and I can't wait to sew along in community with you to make this pattern! This blogpost will provide all the basic information needed to participate in the Everett Star SAL!

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The Everett Star Quilt Pattern is our newest TCJ pattern. This pattern is named after my son Everett and is inspired by my love of vintage looking quilts with a modern twist. I love stars so much and so I wanted a quilt that used a lot of them but also created visual movement no matter the Design Style chosen! I can't wait to jump into this project and sew with you!

THE DATES: Friday, January 12th - Friday, March 15th 


QUILT SIZE: Throw Size 60" x 60"

SCHEDULE: We will be sewing together an Everett Star Quilt top over the course of 9 weeks. Week 1 we will dive into the different Design Styles, inspiration for color palettes and making fabric choices. Week 2 we are cutting out our fabrics and making our block piles to set us up for success in sewing our Everett Star Blocks. Week 3, we will have an in depth sewing week about sewing, trimming and assembly the two different Everett Star Blocks - Diamond and Cross. Weeks 4 - 6 we are sewing two blocks a week. Week 7 we will finish up our last Everett Star Block and catch up as needed. Week 8 is all about our Half Square Triangles for the Border. And Week 9 we sew it all together!

Week 1: We discuss Design Styles, Color Palette Inspiration and Picking Fabrics
Week 2: Cutting our fabrics and organizing our pieces into blocks
Week 3: We are making 1 Everett Star Cross Block and 1 Everett Star Diamond Block
Week 4: Sew 2 Everett Star Diamond Blocks
Week 5: Sew 2 Everett Star Diamond Blocks
Week 6: Sew 2 Everett Star Cross Blocks
Week 7: Sew 1 Everett Star Cross Block and Catch Up
Week 8: Sew, Trim and Assemble our HST Borders
Week 9: Assemble the Everett Star Quilt Top!


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Follow along on Instagram using the #everettstarsal hashtag and post your weekly progress with a photo or a reel. You can also tag @thencamejune in your post. Be sure your account it set to public so others can see your progress and share alongside you!


You will need the Everett Star Quilt Pattern in either PDF or Printed (USA Only). 

Everett Star Quilt Kits + Fabric Bundles - Available in our Shop!

We have four different Everett Star Quilt Kits in our shop right now! We are going to be making an all print floral Everett Star Quilt for this SAL. The Wildflower Kit is available to purchase if you want to sew the same one as us during the SAL! We also have plenty of FQ bundle options that could work with both the FQ Frenzy Design Style (need at least 18 FQs) and the FQ + Yardage Design Style (need at least 9 FQs). Take a look and grab one now!

The Everett Star Wildflower Quilt Kit

The Everett Star Cover Quilt Kit

The Everett Star Snow Day Quilt Kit

The Everett Star Midnight Quilt Kits


We have two Everett Star Quilt blogposts up on the blog! We have two more to write and once they are ready, I will share them here too.

The Everett Star Quilt - the Baby one

The Everett Star Quilt - the Cover one 


I have created a bonus document that has more Everett Star mock ups in all three sizes. Each mock up shows you the Design Style and I have all the fabric names written for each one. Also, we have free Everett Star Quilt Coloring Pages available for download as well!

Everett Star Quilt Resources Page

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