The Stripe Crossing Quilt

The Stripe Crossing Quilt

The Stripe Crossing Quilt is available now! Buy the PDF here or the Printed here - both on sale for a limited time! Also - get this pattern along with Sun Flare Quilt Pattern at a discounted bundle price - PDF bundle - Printed bundle.

I sketched up my original idea for the Stripe Crossing quilt back in 2016. It took awhile for me to actually write this pattern but I ended up submitting it to Love Patchwork & Quilting and it was in their October 2017 Issue 53. My first published pattern - so exciting for me! Since then, I have added a baby size and offered a solid color version along with this multi color design in both sizes.

For this quilt, I wanted a fun, punchy, summery vibe to the color palette. I NEVER work with browns but for some reason I was really drawn to the warm gold tones of Kona Toasted Pecan. This color combo scared me so I knew I had to try it.

I originally was testing out blues, pickle greens and grays for those small accent arrows. Any of those combinations would have been super fun but I felt like the blues were exactly the summery vibe I was going for. My final color choices are all Kona Cotton: Grellow, Gold, Toasted Pecan, Salmon, Tangerine, Punch, Blueprint, Lake, and White. I used a Doe Wide Back from Carolyn Friedlander for the backing. You can buy this exact quilt kit on Fabric Bubb here!!

I mean how vibrant is that?! It is electric. And as we were in the dreary rainy weather of January, this was brightening up my life.

I remember laying this quilt on the floor, wrinkling it up a bit and taking this photo. The second I saw it on my camera screen, I started dancing haha. It reminds me of ribbons and festivals and elephant ears and watermelon. I don't know but this quilt is just so playful.

I sent this quilt off to Kailtyn of Knot & Thread Designs. Usually when I send a quilt to be long armed I say "....well... I think I'll figure out what I want by the time you get to it..." haha. I am pretty indecisive when it comes to picking a quilting design. But, with this one, I KNEW I wanted bubbles. I wanted it to be like water and have really great texture. And boy, I could not have imagined a better quilt design this quilt.

Let's just take another moment of silence to really appreciate the bubbles....

Because the pop of Kona Blueprint is so fun and energetic, I thought it would be the perfect binding as well.

The throw size finishes at 60" x 66" and the baby finishes at 40" x 44". Fabric Bubb is carrying a custom quilt kit bundle for this exact version - throw size. It includes the top colors, background AND binding, all you'd need to get is your backing.

I also need to give a shout out to my amazing photographer Amy Wennerlind. She always does a stellar job capturing all the beauty in what I create. I don't think my final product would feel as finished if I didn't have her skills to help capture it.

I sent this updated pattern off to testers to make sure all my math was right for the new size and solid design versions. Let's take a look at all the beauty they created!

Brittany of Lo & Behold Stitchery made this really beautiful solid baby version. I love her train tracks photo too! The dusty blue with golden yellows is totally up my alley.

Lindsee (@sabramade) choose some Santa Fe prints by Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel and some Kona solids. She made the multi color version in baby size and this is outstanding. I love love love it.

Emily (@toomanyronis) made this super adorable solid version but with prints. I love it. The snap to grid print by Kim Kight for Cotton + Steel is so fun and funky. I also love the pop of Amalfi in the accent arrows. Adorable adorable.

Carrie (@quiltsandcoffee) made this mint green beauty with a pop of purple and pink/coral accents. She is using a fun Tula Pink print for the backing and I can't wait to see this one finished. Ps. The dog nose/paws in the bottom of the second photo, such a good little helper.

Katy (@katyfaircloth) made this beautiful all print multi color option. It goes to show that this pattern is versatile and so fun to use fabrics from your favorite line.

Don't forget, grab the pattern now at a discounted price OR get the special bundle of my two latest patterns at an even more discounted price.

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