TCJ Fall 2021 SAL - Rosecity - All the Info

TCJ Fall 2021 SAL - Rosecity - All the Info

The Fall 2021 TCJ SAL is happening!! We will be making my latest quilt pattern - Rosecity! I am excited to release this pattern and then starting sewing it up with you all immediately! Lots of info is provided below!
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The Rosecity SAL

 The Rosecity Quilt Pattern is the latest Then Came June Release. I thought up this design concept four years ago but thank goodness I waited! The original idea had the construction of this quilt done in such a different way - the extra four years of experience has greatly paid off. This design is such a fun one. It uses a single block but with different fabrics and color placements, it creates a fun kaleidoscope effect. The pattern is written for an Intermediate quilter. It is not hard but very accurate cutting and seams is essential to this make. I can't wait to make this with you guys! 
THE DATES: Monday October 4th, 2021 - Sunday November 21st, 2021
DURATION: 7 Weeks long
QUILT SIZE: Small Throw, finishes at 50" x 62 1/2"
SCHEDULE: The Rosecity Quilt is such a fun one to make. There is a good amount of upfront organization but then it makes sewing this quilt together a breeze. The first two weeks are all about picking your color palette, cutting and then making a test block. The Rosecity Quilt pattern comes with a short tutorial on how to sew together a Rosecity block! Weeks 3 - 6 will be making blocks and the last week we assemble. I believe the most you will be working on this quilt each week is a few hours.
Week 1: We will be walking through how to pick a color palette for the Rosecity Quilt. I will give you guidelines if you feel like you'd like them. I also will provide lots of fun mock ups for inspiration!
Week 2: We will be cutting our fabric, using our fabric labels, getting organized and making a single 1A Block.
Week 3: We will be making our 1A Blocks.
Week 4: We will be making our 1B Blocks.
Week 5: We will be making our 2A Blocks.
Week 6: We will be making our 2B Blocks.
Week 7: We lay it all out and sew our top together!



    The Rosecity Quilt Pattern is available now!


    I have had so many amazing companies and small businesses reach out to offer support for the Rosecity SAL. I am organizing everything but there will be fabulous prizes each week. Here is a master list of sponsors:
    Fabric Bubb
    Modern Domestic
    Ruby Star Society
    Handmade is Heartmade
    Knot + Thread Designs
    FIGO Fabrics
    Hawthorne Supply Co
    The Cotton Box
    Quilty Love
    Annabel Wrigley
      To be entered to win the weekly prize, you need to post a photo with the prompt assigned to that week (it will be in the newsletter) to the Instagram hashtag #rosecitysal, within that week. Each week starts fresh, so Week 1's post won't count for Week 2's prize. Make sense?


       I am so excited to partner with the Longarm League for the Rosecity SAL! The Longarm League will be supporting our SAL to help quilters find a longarmer to finish up their finished Rosecity quilt! 10 generous members are offering 20% off their services if you send your finished top to them by February 28, 2022. Below is a graphic to show you the quilters helping us out and where they live!
      Head to the Longarm League Rosecity landing page to get more information!


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