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Seeing Double - Birch Bella

Back in the fall of 2020 I saw the Birch Bella Lawn line come out and the second I saw it, I had to buy it! It is by Birch Fabrics and is organic lawn which is the softest fabric ever. Bella Lawn is silky and the drape is gorgeous and comes at 56" wide instead of the regular 42-44" wide quilting cotton. The main difference between lawn and quilting cotton is that lawn is made with a tighter weave and a higher thread count. You can totally use it in quilts, just be mindful of it's more shifty attitude - starch will be your best friend!
Is this not the most gorgeous collection of florals and solids? The colors are beautiful with the corals, burnt oranges, dusty blues and light blush and mint tones. I knew that I was buying this fabric before it was even released and had to wait months to get it. But, it was perfect, it would be my first quilt of 2021. A beautiful way to ring in the new year.
I immediately knew I wanted to make a Seeing Double quilt. It had been a while since I had made one and it shows off prints well and is quick! What is not to love? The next step was deciding how I wanted to place the fabric in the design. I made multiple mock ups until I landed on "the one".
Fabric placement can change the look of Seeing Double drastically. It is such a fun pattern to play around with!
This last one was the winner. But, I really really liked the first couple too that make Seeing Double look totally different and more like dangling gems or a rain chain vibe.
When I pre-ordered this line of fabric, I got all 1 yard cuts. I made the Throw Size Seeing Double and because this lawn fabric is 56" wide, I was able to use 1 yard instead of the 1 1/8 yard called for in the Medium Set Color 2. I didn't recalculate the other material requirements because I had 1 yard cuts of every other fabric so I knew I had enough. Okay here is the color placement and fabric name:
Dark Set Color 1 - Bella Donna Bright Coral
Dark Set Color 2 - Bright Coral Cotton Lawn
Dark Set Color 3 - Caramel Cotton Lawn
Medium Set Color 1 - Bella Donna Denim Blue
Medium Set Color 2 - Bella Donna Margot Cream
Medium Set Color 3 - Blush Cotton Lawn
Light Set Color 1 - Bella Petite Denim Blue
Light Set Color 2 - Slate Cotton Lawn
Light Set Color 3 - Minty Cotton Lawn
Okay, so from here, let's make the blocks!
The Seeing Double pattern utilities strip piecing and it makes assembly go so quickly! Then smaller blocks turn into bigger blocks.
Then from here some of the blocks are cut up to become halves and quarter blocks for assembling the quilt on point (at an angle). And then they get sewn into diagonal rows.
Once all the rows are sewn together, the top is done! The Seeing Double quilt can look different depending on what angle you look at it from.
Making this quilt was so fun for me. The fabric was so beautiful, I love the colors, it was a breeze to put together. Everything about this make felt effortless... which rarely happens.
I knew how special this quilt was turning out to be and how soothing it was so I decided I would definitely have Michelle work her magic on it with free motion quilting. Michelle has done a few different loose floral designs before but I really wanted a sort of retro big floral in each square. BOY, she delivered!
When I got the quilt back and laid it on the floor to admire it my husband walked in the room and said "wow! michelle really outdid herself on this one!"
 I mean the florals are whimsical and organic and honestly mesmorizing!
I bound the quilt in the same light peach color as in the top and it compliments it well without distracting from the overall design.
Also, Everett wanted some spotlight in the chair like his mama.
Then he hopped out so I could get some solo photos before hopping back up on my lap. I got quite a few great headshots for work needs now! Win win!
I backed the quilt in a bright coral fabric to match the front and it is really pretty with the quilting design.
The last thing we did in this shoot was another quilts in the air throwing session. So fun!
Then in February Portland got a huge snow storm - 10+ inches, that never happens. And I had to snap a couple photos of this quilt in front of our blue covered house in the snow!
The Seeing Double Quilt is available in my shop now! Please share and tag me in what you make! #seeingdoublequilt #thencamejunepatterns