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Run Wild Quilt - the Strawberry Lemonade One

I released Run Wild as part of my collaboration with Robert Kaufman for my Then Came June Designer bundle in January of 2019. I made one other baby Run Wild but honestly kinda just flew right past this pattern. It's not that I don't love it but all of this was in secret and by the time it was out, I was focused on the next thing. It happens sometimes. So, I decided at the beginning of 2020 that I would revisit this pattern again.
I had played with so many mocks ups during the design phase of this pattern and I kept revisiting this one:
There is something so bright and fresh and happy about this palette. I always try to sew something super summery right after Christmas. It's like I need the jolt of electricity to sustain through the next few months of rain rain rain here in Portland, OR. The Kona Cotton solids I used are:
White, Nectarine, Salmon, Creamsicle, Peach, Dove, Haze, Lingerie, Ice Peach, Cantaloupe, Orangeade, Curry, Grellow, Duckling, Canary, Bright Idea, Ballet Slipper, Peony, Ballerina, Bubble Gum, & Gumdrop
I could just stare at this stack of fabric all day long. It makes me so happy!!
The Run Wild pattern includes 2 sizes and 2 design options - Multi Color (like this one) and Modern Solid in baby and throw size. Every single block is constructed in the same fashion. There are a LOT of HSTs (just zone out and trim trim trim) but it's really simple. The assembly is a bit more complicated with rotating blocks and matching seams but it really does create such an amazing quilt top.
Before you start cutting and sewing for the Multi Color version you gotta pair up your fabrics. There are 20 and you make 10 pairs. Above is how I paired mine. 
It took Alysson and I a couple weeks of working on these blocks in January and February between other projects to get all the blocks assembled. 
Look at all those seams and pressing and love we put into these blocks. Each time we finished a "set" of blocks, I would try and take a picture as the quilt grew to make sure I was liking how it was coming together.
I love how the bright and soft colors play off each other.
After we got all the blocks done, Alysson worked on sewing this top together in sections while I was working on another secret project I still can't talk about haha. Alysson said she might not come back to work after sewing this top together lol. This pattern is laid out clearly but it is easy to mix up blocks or pieces since they rotate. Also, it is hard to just jump in and out of a project and remember where everything goes. I think if only one of us made this, it would have been easier to mentally keep things together. But good news! Alysson lived!! haha
When we finally had a quilt top, it was so joyous! We did it! 
Then of course I had to get a full photo of it so you guys could see what it all looked like, not crinkled. Off to IKEA we went! My favorite spot for a bright yellow wall.
After we finished this, I folded it up and hung it on my quilt ladder. But, I knew I did want to send this one off for quilting pretty quickly. It ended up going out with a lot of my other unfinished quilt tops we found doing our spring cleaning. I was trying to use fabrics I had and not order new ones for backings. And I remembered I had this GORGEOUS big floral print that would be perfect for the back.
I sent this off to Kaitlyn of Knot and Thread Designs and decided on Time Warp. I love that panto because it gives movement and all overall texture without drawing too much attention it itself.
Just look at that backing print!! I don't care about matching prints when making backings, I am not that much of a perfectionist and overall it just looks fun and floral!
Now let's take a look at the beautiful quilting!
Did you notice the thread I forgot to trim in all of those photos?! haha DANGIT! Now let's look at all 4 corners of this quilt - it is fun to see their color differences.
I really love how the back and front compliment each other in their boldness and brightness.
I ended up selling this quilt as part of my Spring Quilt Sale and I am so glad it is going to a home to be loved!
Run Wild is a really fun pattern to play with colors and ombres. I hope you've enjoyed this bright cheerful quilt journey! Happy sewing!