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Rosecity Quilt - the Kona Cotton one

The Rosecity Quilt Pattern is available now in my shop!
After having made a floral baby Rosecity quilt, a very punchy saturated Rosecity quilt, it was time I play with more soothing monochromatic colors. I love a subtle quilt but usually I can't go 100% subtle, there has to be a little pop of something. That is where Bright Idea - a Kona yellow steps in for this quilt. Let's look at the fabric!
I really wanted to play with very similar pink and dusty ones with some neutrals in there. And when I was playing with the mock up in Illustrator, I almost went with a dark grey or black pop instead of yellow. It is still a gorgeous quilt and I'd love to make it but I wanted something slightly brighter. 
This one was another sample I sent to Alysson to make for me. It is weird not sewing up my own samples and getting them back totally finished and I am like WOW! That is so cool to see! Alysson was so grateful I had marked which fabric was what color because these pinks are super similar. 
It is wild how different the light is in different parts of my house and at different times of day. The two photos above read so warm and the ones below will read so cool. So strange!
This quilt, if you can't tell already, has been one of the hardest ones for me to photograph accurately. It can get washed out easily or the colors pop in a weird way on the camera. It was a struggle finding a spot to photograph this guy on a wall. All the lighting was wrong, or the wall was wrong, or I was wrong. It all felt wrong. 
Until, we found THE WALL. This wall is right across from a construction site and is so gorgeous. The colors pop, the women painted are stunning. And the quilt against it just matched perfectly. 
I sent this quilt top off to Karlee of SewInspired2Day, a local to Portland longarm quilter. She is always so quick, friendly and easy to work with. I wanted something a little feminine and fun for this pantograph design and went with Pedal Pushers.
I may or may not have bought this dress specifically to wear during this photoshoot with this quilt. Also, this studio we rented, Sunbeam Studios Portland had the best light and amazing props and furniture. I brought in some of the artwork from my home studio and the fabric but otherwise most everything was already at our disposal to use. Amy really staged these shots so well. I love them!
For this Rosecity release, I decided to kit some of the samples I made. This one is one that got a kit. Each kit has the fabric individually labeled with the name of the solid, what Color it is in my sample and yardage cut. I love staying organized! Also, I love the photos Amy got of all the bundles together.
I backed this quilt in a Kona Sheen in grey and it has the most beautiful sparkle. And then I bound it in a Warp + Weft Heirloom stripe in Goldenrod. The combo is so pretty.
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