Radiate - The Kona Cotton One & My Tester Quilts

Radiate - The Kona Cotton One & My Tester Quilts

We have arrived at the last Radiate blogpost for this release. Good job readers! If you need to catch up, read all about the Ruby Star Society one and the Bella Solids one now. 
The Radiate pattern is available now in my shop! 
When I made my RSS Radiate, it was back in May. I hadn't written the pattern yet. I had only my chicken scratch math and doodles. So when I went to actually sit down and write it in July, I pulled out my notes and was like.... crap. I had to re-walk myself through my idea, my math and make sure I could write/make the pattern again correctly. It was such a backwards set up for me. Anyway, I decided I would write my pattern, then make a baby quilt to confirm it was mostly accurate before sending it off to my testers.
I pulled Kona solids from my stash and came up with this palette:

The colors are Kona White, Black, Bright Idea, Peach, Cantaloupe, Orangeade and Astral.
The blocks were really fun to mix and match. I like including some more similar in tone blocks with really contrasting ones. It creates a fun dynamic in a quilt, especially one with repetitive blocks.

I love putting these blocks together, you can chain piece easily and the seams nest! I also chose to do the "accent blocks" in the same yellow - Bright Idea. And because it is a baby size, this quilt flew together so fast!

There is this building in Inner SE Portland that has the craziest mural painted all over it. Swirls on swirls on swirls. Every time I'd pass it I'd think about how one day I'd need to take a quilt photo in front of it. But, it's so intense and crazy that it'd have to be the perfect quilt for it to make sense. I am so glad this quilt made it possible.

I sent this baby quilt off to Knot & Thread Designs and I choose the Starlight pantograph. It creates the best movement and all over texture. I love love love it.
I backed this quilt in Bright Idea as well - I obviously love this color. And I bound it in this chunky black and white strip fabric from Robert Kaufman.

Now on to the photoshoot photos, we shall start again with quilts in the air!

The texture on these photos is just so stunning. The quilt is just bright and bold and I love it. I also tried to throw all 3 quilts at the same time. HAHA. It was so hard and not as successful at catching all 3 quilt clearly in the photos but fun nonetheless.

And here are a few more photos of this Kona quilt we took in the studio before we move onto my AMAZING testers!

 My testers blew it out of the water big time with Radiate. Let's get started!
Evie made the Bella solids sample for me AND she made another amazing one with more Bella solids.

Jackie decided to do a three color way version with a fun pop of accent color.  And it is SO GOOD.

 Corinne also did a fun 3 way color version with a dark background in the baby size. Cuuuute!

Sarah blew it out of the water!!! Or the beach maybe? This photo is just sooooo gorgeous.

Denise made such a cute Heather Ross version. She fussy cut the accent blocks and its adorable.

Joy - the Queen of scrappy made this glowing, happy just freaking amazing Radiate!!

Jamie used this amazing fruit prints for her version and its so soothing and cute!

 Nicki was able to get her hands on a new line that hasn't released yet by Giuseppe and its STELLAR. Instead of snowballing the corners on the accent blocks, she just cut her pieces to the same full size of that block so her squares are larger.

Dawn whipped up this quilt SO quick, she was the first to finish and it's in this beautiful neutral palette that I love.

Kelly dug into her stash and used some long hoarded Amy Butler fabric to make her beautiful Radiate.

Thank you to everyone who has shown such love and excitement for Radiate! Please be sure to tag me on social media and use the #radiatequilt and #thencamejunepatterns hashtags so I can see what you make!!


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