Paper Cuts - the One I am Keeping

Paper Cuts - the One I am Keeping

I AM KEEPING THIS ONE AND I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT. I knew I really wanted to make a Paper Cuts for our living room. We got all new furniture this past summer and I wanted to make a new quilt that fits with the vibe. I dug through my stash and found a mix of linens, wovens and quilting cotton.

There is so much yummy texture in this palette and when my husband saw it he goes "this looks awesome, please tell me it is one for us to keep?" MAKES MY HEART HAPPY.

We did another adventure day to find a wall to take quilt photos. This is actually the backside of a car repair shop.

I had a hard time deciding on a quilt design panto for this one. I thought about just straight lines because it's classic and would highlight all the fabrics well. But I wanted something that was angular but also soft with a curve and then I remembered the slightly curved but straight baptist fan panto. So happy with it!


I try to lay my quilts out flat for a couple days before shoots and then steam them at the studios to remove creases. BUT, this center seam in the gray fabric WOULD NOT GO AWAY. It was annoying but such is life. I have had people suggest I fold a quilt on the bias and it helps reduce creases.

We lucked out and the couch that the studio has is this beautiful burnt rust color and was the PERFECT color for styling this quilt on the couch. And by "styled" I mean, threw it on the couch over and over trying to make it look natural. We gave up and this is what we got.


Oh I was torn on how to bind this guy too. But I decided to do something a little unexpected and do a deep teal blue. I thought it would tie all the colors together well and we have blues in our living room so its a nod to that.

Then, this weekend, my family went on an adventure day to the Columbia Gorge - my favorite days. Sometimes we do have a new waterfall to hike or a new outdoor activity to do. And, some days, (like yesterday) we just hop in the car and see where the day takes us. We ended up back in Hood River, OR, one our favorite spots, for lunch and dinner. But in between, we drove over the Columbia River into Washington. There were a couple wineries Lindsey and I did on our girls trip in November that my husband hasn't ever been to. So we went there and I snapped a few pictures of this quilt in the snow covered winter grape vineyard.

The Paper Cuts PDF Pattern and the Printed Pattern (preorder) are available now!

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