Backyard Party Quilt Pattern Available Now!

Nova Star - the Kona Cotton one

The Nova Star Quilt Pattern is now available in my shop!
If you haven't read my first blogpost about Nova Star and the inspiration for the design, read about it here.
But this blogpost is all about my beautiful, soothing, with a tiny burst of brightness, Modern Solid version I made using Kona Cottons. I made the Crib Size for this one but the Modern Solid design (all the blocks are exactly the same) is included in all 3 sizes - Crib, Throw and Bed.
Ya'll want to see my first test block ever for this design? I made it back in December and used solids from my stash. These colors were based on my original mock ups in Illustrator too. The idea for including a Modern Solid version came from my mock ups - I took this one block idea and put it on repeat to get the right size and final dimensions. And when I saw how fun and bold it could be, I knew I'd include that option in my final pattern.
It's just a lonely block now but I kept her because she is happy.
Because my other main quilt, the RSS one, is very bold and punchy I wanted to make the Modern Solid one the opposite. I wanted to show how versatile this pattern is depending on color choices and placements. I settled on a good amount of neutrals with a couple teal blues and a tiny pop of yellow.
 These pulls included two different yellows because I wasn't sure which one I would use. The lighter one is Lemon Ice and the brighter one is Bright Idea. I ended up using Lemon Ice.
The colors I used in this quilt include - White, Haze, Lighthouse, Lingerie, Robins Egg, Waterfall and Lemon Ice (I used in center star, cornerstones and binding). Fabric Bubb has a bundle already for this one but in a throw size
One of the really nice benefits of doing the Modern Solid version of Nova Star is the ability to chain piece! I chain piece even in the other versions, block by block but Modern Solid presents the opportunity to chain piece like crazy! I worked from the inside of the blocks out. I started with making all the Center Star flying geese and then making the center stars.
Even though chain piecing is amazing and speeds up the process a bit, I couldn't handle chain piecing all 12 block's outer geese at the same exact time. I wanted a little bit of satisfaction so I chain pieced the rest of the block pieces, 4 blocks at a time. 
It was really fun to watch this quilt grow. It's not the same excitement as a mix and matched quilt using all different fabrics but it's still fun to see this quilt come to life.
I asked my husband opinion on what yellow to use for the cornerstones. I couldn't decide if I should use the same Lemon Ice or throw in an even brighter Bright Idea to the mix. He suggested I keep the yellows the same and he was definitely right. It really brings it all together and adds a little bit more of that sparkle to the quilt.
I brought this quilt to Michelle of Mariposa Quilting to work her magic. I knew what I wanted for this design right away. I wanted topographical like lines that gave the quilt movement but was overall more uniform and soothing. It reminds me of gentle waves in the water.
I mean, it is SO good right?! And I am so happy with using Lemon Ice in the binding as well. Just that final pop of yellow makes my heart sing!
Amy, my photographer, really takes the most magical photos. She has been taking my quilt photos for over 3 years now and I didn't even have to tell her what I wanted - she just knows by now. It is really special to have that kind of bond in life - in friendship and business.
It doesn't hurt that her house is gorgeous. 
I can't wait to see what you guys make with the Nova Star Quilt pattern. Be sure to tag me on social media and use #novastarquilt and #thencamejunepatterns so I can follow along!