New Year, New Patterns!

New Year, New Patterns!

Welcome to 2018 everyone! I am so happy to be releasing two new patterns to start the year off with a bang! Both of these patterns are fun, fast and crisp designs. What better way to find inspiration for the new year than creating a quilt in a weekend?

First up, the Sidewalk Chalk Pattern. It is my attempt to make an improv looking quilt without actually doing improv. I can appreciate improv but my brain likes consistency and following an order. I always was the first to "finish" those tests in school that said in the directions if you read the directions you didn't have to take the test. I am a rule follower and I think my brain is too. Sidewalk chalk comes in 3 sizes, baby, throw and large bed size. 


Sidewalk Chalk is by far my most requested quilt pattern release to date. Granted, I did make my first version back in May and then dragged my feet until now to release it. Why does that happen sometimes? But every single version my testers have made is just stunning. Even though I didn't include instructions on how to make this quilt "scrappy" it is really easy. The pattern includes 6 colors and some of my testers just used fabric from their stash to make color groups in each 6 colors. Example: Color 1 is made up of 3 white fabrics, Color 2 is made up of 4 teal prints, Color 3 is a solid blue, etc. There will be a couple examples below. I am so giddy, I can't wait to see what people create!

Next up, the City Grid quilt. I dreamt up this quilt when I was thinking about what kind of quilt I would want to have on my own bed day to day. I wanted something that was simple, had a good amount of consistency with small pops of color. I love a classic window pane plaid for its simple and thin lines so that was my inspiration point. I also wanted a quilt pattern that was a strip and slash design, aka strip piecing and then slash (cut) the strips and sew it back together. That is how the City Grid quilt pattern was born. I added the cornerstones so it was a little break in the hard lines of a grid. 


This is another pattern that is a fast finish. These are obviously my kind of quilts. I think it is because I am 1. Not patient 2. I am constantly inspired and wanting to start new projects so I need something I can complete fast. 3. I am a new sewer myself so I want something that I can easily make multiple times and fast. 

The City Grid comes in 3 sizes, baby, throw and bed size. It is a grid based quilt so it would be an easy one to scale up or down to whatever size you need. I love playing with gradients, so I couldn't resist making this a gradient quilt pattern. But it would also look amazing with just 2 colors, a background, and a color for the grid sashing. I think that is the next one on my list.

Kaitlyn of Knot and Thread Design did an AMAZING job quilting both of these quilts. I am finding that I love geometric designs that provide high texture. If you guys ever need a long-armer, try Kaitlyn! She also does 20% off to first time customers. Win!

Here are two adorable photos of my son showing off how to use a bed quilt. It definitely makes me want to go take a nap under this quilt.

Next up, all the AMAZING versions my testers made. I cannot thank them enough for being willing to test my patterns and give me feedback and edits. It really is an invaluable part of this process for me. So thank you, THANK YOU! I give you all a million kisses! xxxxxx

Sidewalk Chalk Quilts

Scrappy Christmas Quilt by Kristina Green of @fabricbubb. Owner and fabric wizard of my favorite online store FabricBubb. Kristina has been such a supporter and encourager of me since day one. She has multiple bundles in her shop that coordinate with my quilt patterns and said she wanted to test this quilt! And of course I said yes because her fabric combination abilities are outstanding. I absolutely love her take on the Sidewalk Chalk pattern!

Lindsey Neill of Pen + Paper Patterns is a quilting angel. I love her so much and her feed is so drool worthy. Everything she makes just full of happiness and cheer. She is so skilled at unique color palettes that are just stunning. Go check her out at @penandpaperpatterns but first, please look at her BEAUTIFUL version of Sidewalk Chalk.

 Brooke of @ohsewbrooke is always making bright and rainbow inspired quilts that just make your day. She is funny and I always find her dry sarcastic humor hilarious and endearing. Brooke, keep being you!

 Evie Jespersen of @evquilts has become a great friend over the past year. She has tested almost all of my patterns and is without a doubt, a big reason why my patterns make sense. haha! She always catches my math errors or finds a way to streamline the quilt making process. I love her style and her scrappy Christmas quilt is AMAZING. I am obsessed with her sweater print and color palette. 

Eliane of @patchworkandpoodles is my faster tester ever. I give her a pattern and usually within 2-3 days a top is done! I can always count on her for my first finished photos and edits, which I love!! She asked me back in May if she could test this quilt pattern whenever I wrote it up and she bought fabric for it months ago, before I even wrote it! haha I love her dedication and her spunk for quilting. 

 And wrapping up the Sidewalk Chalk versions with my girl Leah of @dixiestitches. You guys, I probably text Leah more than any of my friends and my husband. I am sure she knows me better than my husband now haha! I love her to death and am so honored that she has tested ALL TEN of my patterns this year. She the main reason I have been able to accurately release so many patterns. :) I love this bright playful take on Sidewalk Chalk in a baby size.

City Grid Quilt 

Evie of @evquilts is back at it with a beautiful baby size City Grid quilt. She used Carolyn Friedlander Crosshatch prints for the sashing and a darker print for the background and I love the combination!

 Erica Jackman of @kitchantablequilting made this super beautiful colorful baby version. I love the subtle white and black crosshatch background fabric from Carolyn Friedlander. 

Robin of @seamedtobe made a fabulous throw size City Grid quilt. Robin actually was the one who suggested the name City Grid and I am so grateful. Choosing names is so hard for me! I love how she quilted all the sashing and a grid throughout each square. So smart!

 Andrea of @yearofparties made a bright rainbow quilt and added a row of color to make the full spectrum. I love how this pattern is easily modified to fit whatever your needs may be!

 LASTLY but most importantly, EVERYTHING in my shop is 20% off from now through Thursday January 4th. Use code HAPPYNEWYEAR at checkout to get the discount applied. And both patterns are available in printed copies, but they are on preorder. So you can buy it now (get the 20% off discount) and then I will ship them out once they arrive to me. Roughly 2-3 weeks. 

Happy shopping and cheers to a marvelous 2018!!!

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