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Granny Cabin Quilt - the Darlings One

I finally finished the Granny Cabin quilt I made during the Granny Cabin Sewalong last fall! I had every intention of finishing it quickly but then... I didn't. haha I thought it would be fun to see the whole process in one place because when I was making this quilt, it was spread out over 6 weeks. 
Ruby Star Society so graciously sent me a Jelly Roll of Darlings and some Speckled fabric in Confetti. The Granny Cabin pattern is FQ, Jelly Roll and scrap friendly! I have made it in all the ways - you can read more about the other quilts here.
The Jelly Roll includes (40) 2.5" x WOF strips. I didn't use all of them but I am definitely saving the extras for future projects. The fabrics are too cute to give away or destash. It is fun to see the variety in color in the roll - one side is blues and one side is more pinks/golds.
I spent some time agonizing over what jelly strips to use for my quilt but I decided on using the reds/pinks/purples with a pop of blue for one set of blocks and then the oranges and low volumes with a pop of green for the other. Aren't these prints just amazing?! I really can't pick a favorite.
The Granny Cabin quilt pattern is great for chain piecing and the ENTIRE quilt has nested seams. That makes me so happy!
 Okay maybe my favorites are between the strawberries and octopus? But also, those fried eggs...
All of those units make up 1/2 of the blocks needed for the quilt top. Up next, is the orange and low volume ones.
I do love the little neon lime kittens/tigers in the center squares. After the two separate sets of blocks are made, you make the little sashing units that complete one set of blocks and create the fun overall look of the quilt design!
Once all your units are made, you lay it all out or put it on a design board to keep yourself organized and you sew the quilt top together in rows. Remember, ALL SEAMS NEST! Woot woot!
I really super love this Speckled fabric for the background. It's so playful and adds a fun element without it being too distracting or overwhelming to the other fabrics.
Once I got the whole top together, I took it outside and took lots of photos of it in my maple leaves. Remember, I made this top last fall!
IIf you guys weren't following me on Instagram back during last fall, you wouldn't know how IN LOVE I am with my two huge trees in my yard. I would give daily tree updates of the colors changing. So it felt fitting to take photos of these quilts in the leaves. We have a large maple in the front and an ENORMOUS oak in the back.
House for scale. LOL The back tree is so so so large. Okay, back to photos! I got a few photos of the quilt inside my house with all the rain and then we did make it out for some outdoor photos.
And after I took these pictures, I folded up the quilt, made the quilt backing to send off and then never sent it. haha Well, 5 months later, I sent it out to Kaitlyn to quilt for me and I just got it back and finished it last week!
I forgot to take a picture of the strips I used for binding but I used extras that I had from the top. And I think it is the perfect compliment to the quilt! Used mainly blues, black, a red and an gold!
I love the quilting on this one, it is called Curved Loop. It adds a great texture.
I am super in love with how this whole quilt turned out. I took it out on an adventure yesterday to practice being in nature but also social distancing with my family. And we stopped at this abandoned building on the side of the highway to get full photos. haha We are always those people.
People always ask what I do with all of my quilts. And mostly I keep them to send to stores to hang and help promote the pattern. A few of them I keep for myself and then other ones I will randomly sell.
I was planning a huge quilt sale for end of this month or early April but with everything going on in the world, I am not sure people will be wanting to spend money on quilts? If you are interested in purchasing this one though, shoot me an email and I can work something out!
The Granny Cabin quilt pattern is available in my shop! It is the perfect beginner friendly picnic style quilt pattern. Happy sewing!