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Campfire Glow - the Baby one

The Campfire Glow Quilt Pattern is available now!
When I finally decided to write this pattern, I knew I wanted to start with a baby quilt. There are always a few things I do before committing to writing a pattern. I basically have a check list to make sure the pattern lives up to my standards. First, I make sure it will look good in neutrals, brights, and scrappy (if I am including it). Part of that process is playing with different color ways in Illustrator as well as actually making multiple size mock ups. It's really important to me that most of my patterns are more than single size. This one in particular I wanted to be able to offer at least 3 - baby, throw and twin. Another reason for playing with multiple sizes is does the design carry the same feel in a smaller size and a larger size? I had to mess around a few times to decide how many stars to include in each size. And then once I decide on WHAT to include, I have to figure out how to best utilize the fabric and the cuts needed within the design choices. It can be a windy road but I am so happy with where I landed. Here is the mock up of the baby quilt before I went and pulled fabric from my stash to make it.
Just now I am realizing my final quilt top photos are upside down compared to this mock up! haha Oh well, it's interchangeable really. 
Because I pulled fabric from my stash, I'm not 100% sure on my solid colors. I have matched best as possible to Kona cottons.
The 9 Patch block colors are Kona Cotton: Black and Haze and White and Ice Peach. The star color is Kona Leather and then backgrounds are Lemon Ice, Ice Peach, Sky and Creamsicle. I bound this top with the Cabana Stripe in Periwinkle from the Primavera Line by Rifle Paper Co. And the backing is Ombre Sky in Storm by Jennifer Sampou.
I love how bold and twinkly this quilt turned out. This quilt has a lot of strip piecing to it and I enjoy how quickly the individual blocks come together. I started by making the stars first this round.
I absolutely love how the stars turned out. The stars are punchy and the background fabrics are subtly tonal to the colors in the 9 patch squares. It really does create a fun vibe all together.
Before I started sewing my rows together, I laid out all my blocks. I wanted to make sure I liked the placement of the stars. It's always magic watching each row grow block by block and see my design come to life.
One of my favorite parts so this pattern is almost every single seam should nest! So I don't pin any seams - even the long seams at the end from sewing your rows together.
Posting the photo of the rows sewn together was the first real sneak peek of what this pattern would like look. I was so nervous when I posted it on Instagram but it was received so well! It was very encouraging.
I was so excited when we got a non rainy day when I finished this quilt. It is the first time I've had Everett help hold a quilt on his own. He was so excited to come on our little jaunt around Portland with me. Finding walls and spots to take some quilt pictures. He did awesome!
Everett was a big help in naming this pattern. Naming patterns is one of the most difficult parts of writing a pattern. I don't know why it is but it really is. I spent a week or more thinking of names and just couldn't settle on anything. I then asked Everett what the quilt reminded him of and he said "laying in a hammock while camping and looking at the stars". And he said he wanted to call it "hammock stars" and I thought it was adorable. So we ran with that idea until we came onto Campfire Glow.
I sent all 3 Campfire Glow quilts to Michelle of Mariposa Quilting here in Portland OR. She does everything free motion and it blows my mind every single time. For this quilt, I knew I wanted swirls to kinda of replicate that smokey campfire night sky.
Y'all ready for a TON of photos of this finished quilt? Yeah? GOOD!
Is this quilting not just AMAZING? I love the swirls so so so much. The texture is intoxicating.
Because Everett and I were in a team with this quilt, I wanted to make sure we got some pictures of us together. Of course, it ended up with us around in circles holding the quilt top haha. I wouldn't expect anything different with a six year old.
The tongue out is classic Everett right now. And lastly, here is Everett holding the quilt up himself. And yes, the last photo he is picking his nose while holding the quilt. Kids, man.
I can't wait to see what you make with Campfire Glow! Be sure to tag me on social media or email me! #campfireglowquilt #thencamejunepatterns