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Backyard Party Quilt - the Bright One

The Backyard Party Quilt Pattern is available in my shop now!
So I have shared about the Cover Girl BYP and the Indigo BYP. Now it is time to share about the Bright One!
When I was deciding what samples I wanted to make for this quilt pattern launch, this was actually the first pull I did. I really wanted some fun happy bright fabrics that really feel like a joyful backyard party! I also pulled this fabric in the gray and rainy skies of February so I think it was also wishful thinking!
It was really fun to just pull whatever spoke to me and the majority of the fabrics are small geometric or repeating prints. I only included a handful of solids. I also couldn't NOT put in a gingham - love this summery yellow.
I hired out this quilt sample making to a local friend. This was happening in the midst of moving and packing and unpacking. But luckily, I was able to snap some photos throughout the process because it's just what I do!
Mix and match quilt patterns are fun to be because it gives you so much freedom. I like being able to just make blocks and then lay them how however I want, no super planned out process. It is funny I like that because I love planned out everything in life. Maybe this is where I allow myself no rules or boundaries and I kinda soak that up.
All of these blocks together really make me happy. This was my first time hanging anything on the walls in my studio and I think I chose the wrong day to take photos, so gloomy!
This was also the first time I laid a finished quilt out on the floor in the new house with the new puppy.... it's like a magnet.
The quilting on this one was a suggestion from Michelle herself! I said I wanted something really fun and happy, very much summer vibes. Like clouds or rainbows or bubbles. And she mentioned she had done kinda a wavy line of bubbles on a quilt not long ago and thought it would be perfect for this one. So I said, yes! Let's do it!
The textures and the colors are so bright and happy! I love the binding as a slight contrast to the happy colors. A classic black and white stripe.
One of the first things Everett asked when Amy arrived for the shoot was when he was going to be in the photos. ha!
If you scroll back up, you can see I am standing on the edges of my feet. That is because 2 days before this photoshoot I fell down the stairs while holding Redford. I slice the bottom of my left big toe open and broke my right big toe. I basically couldn't put pressure on either toes and wasn't wearing any bandages/braces for the photos. What a wild year I've had with ankle/feet/toe injuries. I am finally in physical therapy and hoping to find some relief and heal.
We were able to grab a few shots of one of my favorite views - from the dining room into the living room. I love the built in bookcases, the fireplace, the scones, the windows, the plants. Just all of it really. 
Right before Amy left after spending FOUR hours here (our shoots are usually 2 hours) we said "we gotta grab some shots of the front porch, your yard is gorgeous!"
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