TCJ Basics Bundle - Paper Cuts Quilt + FQ Tutorial

TCJ Basics Bundle - Paper Cuts Quilt + FQ Tutorial

As a reminder, here is what the bundle looks like and if you want to be caught up, read the blogpost about the TCJ Basics Bundle and the Jawbreaker Quilt:
Once I had finished selecting the fabrics for my TCJ Basics Bundle, I knew I wanted to showcase them in a scrappy way in Paper Cuts.
I decided to leave out the two chambrays for this quilt top and use them in the binding with some of the other scraps left from the quilt top. So overall, I used Kona White for the background and 22 of the 24 FQs for the quilt top.
The Paper Cuts pattern provides scrappy information for each quilt size and that is what I used when cutting my FQs. At the bottom of this post, I will provide additional cutting diagrams for using FQs.
I decided to work top left to bottom right in a color "wave". I went from the yellows, to green, teal, blue, blush, pink and coral. Throughout the whole quilt I just popped in some of the neutral fabrics included in the bundle - the stripes, ginghams, and grays/blacks. It gives an inconsistent consistency to the whole look. Make sense? ;)
For this quilt top, I cut the FQs and finished columns as I went to make sure I liked how it flowed. Here is a bad photo of it all laying on the floor before adding the background fabrics. 
 It is always at this stage of the quilt that I question if it will look good. The background fabric makes ALL The difference in this design. It gives the fabrics connection and life and movement. But, I was pretty happy with the overall flow so it was time to sew my background fabric to the pieces and make columns!
I love the metallics and ginghams. And the Manchester fabric gives the best texture while being airy. I was in quite a rush to get this quilt top together and I realize now I don't have many photos of this process. I was just zoom zoom-ing along happily. Up next, sewing the columns together!
The Manchester Poppy (bright coral) fabric may be one of my favorites from the whole bundle. It adds such a flare of drama and texture.
Before I knew it, I had a quilt top and LOVE IT. I kinda also imagine this like a swatch quilt - little bits of almost every single fabric in the bundle. I love how the colors move throughout the quilt. The Kona White breaks apart the colors just enough to give it distance but keep it connected.
Kaitlyn of Knot & Thread Designs quilted all of my TCJ Basics Bundles quilts. I knew right away I wanted a pretty simple quilting design. I wanted some movement but nothing that took away from the simplicity of this quilt. Plus it is scrappy so I didn't want the design to compete with that aesthetic. I chose the Modern Curves panto.
I mean how amazing is that texture and wave?! I love it SO much!
Amy, my photographer, shot all of these quilts in her home. Fortunately, her home is beautiful and gets some amazing light. To switch some things up, she asked if I wanted a styled picnic photo set up for one of the quilts. And after last years picnic photoshoot for Granny Cabin, I instantly said YES YES YES! I wanted Paper Cuts to be the styled quilt and oh boy, these are gorgeous photos! These are all in her backyard and the lilacs are from her property. The only regret is that I was not there to partake in this picnic!
I am so happy I was able to include this pattern with the bundle for the release. 
The bundle is currently being produced and will be *hopefully* shipping by the end of this month (May 2020)! Check out the original post about the TCJ Basics Bundle to find links to online shops currently selling Pre-Orders of the bundle. 
I have one last set of quilts to show you guys and I am beyond excited for people to get the bundle and start creating!


*This is a tutorial on how to use the Paper Cuts pattern to utilize FQs and will not include measurements. All of the cuts and measurements I refer to are included in the pattern. *
The Paper Cuts Pattern provides Scrappy Information for each size. The information is broken down into a table of "x" amount of this rectangle and "x" amount of this rectangle, etc. 
I am providing different ways you can cut rectangles out of FQs. It is up to you what you cut out of a FQ and how you are using them in the quilt. There is no equation of you need "x" amount of FQs to make this size because it is really up to you. Still follow the total amounts needed in the Scrappy table provided in the pattern. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to grab your stash and make a quilt!

The first set of cutting diagrams are for Solid or NON-Directional fabrics:

The next set of cutting instructions are for DIRECTIONAL prints.

The print I am using to show directionality is Darlings Vintage Blue Mustang by Ruby Star Society.
Happy Sewing friends! Don't forget to use the #papercutsquilt and #thencamejunepatterns hashtag when posting on social media. I love seeing what you create!