Sienna Burst Quilt Along - Week Three

Sienna Burst Quilt Along - Week Three

Welcome to Week Three!

You guys totally killed it during Week 2 of the QAL. So many amazing color combos and test blocks were shared on Instagram this week. Are you following the #siennaburstqal hashtag yet? Go follow now if not!

We have rounded the preparation corner and now are actually getting into the sewing. Let's go!

Ps. If you still want to join, do it!! There is a catch up week scheduled in the QAL, so you definitely still have time to join now and finish on time. Go read this post and make sure you grab a pattern!

Week Three


  • Be sure to read up on the in depth HRT Tutorial from last week. I am happy to see so many people mastering these units. You guys are doing amazing!

  • Make 4 blocks. I recommend chain piecing 2 blocks at a time. It is less overwhelming, speeds things up a bit and you can break up your sewing into 2 chunks of time.

  • Post on Instagram. Post a photo of your 4 blocks and tell me what you enjoy most about quilting. It's fun to learn what others enjoy about something we all love.


Fabrics I am using:

Background Fabric : Kona White

FQ Fabric: Blueberry Park 3 by Karen Lewis Textiles (ships to stores in May) Bright/Neutral

I have made all 4 blocks for this week. I know how daunting all the tiny pieces and all the trimming can be but man, seeing a finished block is SO satisfying. I kind of forgot how much I love this block until I saw all 4 of mine together. I am getting more and more excited to keep sewing them together and see the quilt come to life.

I've always loved Karen Lewis's style and aesthetic. I've used her Blueberry Park 1 and 2 fabrics in plenty of quilts before so it's no surprise how much I am loving using her new line. This quilt is going to be soothing, bright and cheerful all at once. 

Be sure to go check out everyone's progress on Instagram. I am constantly in awe of everyone's different takes on this pattern. You guys are making my heart so happy.

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